Windows® XP® Drivers in Acer® Aspire®

What are the guidelines to install Windows XP Drivers in Acer Aspire?

Aspire is a laptop series from Acer mainly meant for household users and small business people. Most of them have entry level configuration to satisfy the basic needs of a normal consumer. There is an array of desktops and laptops under the Acer Aspire brand name. There are different device drivers available for each model of Acer Aspire computers. Device drivers are the channel of communication between the device and the Operating System. They are codes that devices use to interact with the Operating System. If there are no drivers, the OS does not understand what the function or purpose of the device is. It is a program that controls any device that is connected to the system. There are specific drivers for every device. There are different drivers for printers, display devices, CD-ROM readers, diskette drives, and so on. Device drivers are created by the device manufacturer and are usually available on their website. You can install device drivers either automatically or manually. You may use device manager to manage device drivers in your system. You should use proprietary drivers if possible. Such drivers are typically packaged with the installation CD-ROMs that accompany hardware components. You can also refer to the product''s setup guide to determine whether the installation software includes a driver.

Things to be kept in mind while installing drivers:

  • Backup all drivers

  • Select correct version of drivers

  • Remove older version of device drivers

Backup all drivers

Before you install drivers you should backup all the existing version of device drivers. If there is any problem with the newly installed drivers you can easily downgrade to earlier version. Backing up may get rid of the extra task of repeated downloading of already existed drivers. You need to backup all important files also in order to prevent data loss.

Select correct version of drivers

Make sure to choose the correct version of device drivers which corresponds to your Operating System. If you are using Windows XP, install drivers that are compatible with XP. Before you install the drivers, scan it for any sort of infections. Virus infections through driver installation may create great risk.

Remove older version of device drivers

When you install new device drivers you should make sure that there are no traces of older version of same device driver in the system. You should uninstall the older version completely to prevent driver conflicts and system crashes. The same drivers of different versions may have parts of codes that are same. This would create conflicts when the software is run.

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