Review of Averatec® 1500-Series

Product Review Summary

The Averatec 1500 series is Averatec’s first 11.1 inch widescreen notebook which is ultra portable. The notebook weighs 3.4 pounds and measures less than a piece of letter sized paper. The Averatec 1500 series delivers high performance mobile processing in a tiny package to accommodate the most demanding of road warriors.


The Averatec 1500 is an enhanced notebook, which is highly efficient for business professionals as it ultra portable. If you have a bust schedule and chose to travel frequently, then the Averatec 1500 series notebook will be sufficient for you to manage your workflow

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The Averatec 1500 series notebook includes a WXGA screen, 1.0 GHz core duo ULV U2400 processor, 1 GB of DDR2 RAM and a 100 GB SATA hard drive. The notebook is the company’s lightweight portable notebook. The design of the Averatec 1500 series notebook is well. These are full featured notebooks that are packed into small portable package. The Averatec 1500 series notebook having 3.4 pounds of weight and easy to take any ware. This 1500 series notebook is easy to handles to import your favorite movies, music, videos, photos and other files. The Averatec 1500 series notebooks are made with latest ultra mobile technology.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Keyboard

    The keyboard of the Averatec 1500 series notebook is comfortable and a good size for such a small system, but they are tightly packed into the keyboard tray with little wasted space. Typical for ultraportable notebooks, some controls such as page up and down keys are mapped to other keys and can only be accessed by holding down the function key.

  • FOUR – Good design

    Like many other notebooks in Averatec class, the case of Averatec 1500 series notebook is built entirely out of plastic. Although it is not strengthened by fancy carbon fiber, the notebook feels fairly solid. The screen of this notebook does not wobble because of the metal hinges under the plastic cover.

  • THREE – Amazing display

    The Averatec 1500 series notebook comes with 11.1 inch display and it features a standard 1,280 x 800 native resolution treated with the Averabrite coating. This offers an optimal balance of screen real estate and readability.

  • TWO – Windows 7

    The Averatec 1500 series notebook comes with the latest Microsoft Windows 7 home edition Operating System. Windows 7 Operating System allows fast and easy processing. With this Operating System, users can attain all their tasks with fast searching and fewer clicks.

  • ONE –  SATA hard drive

    The Averatec 1500 series notebook comes with 100 GB SATA hard drive that provides ample storage space for the average mobile user. If you need more storage room, the high end 1.0 GHz core duo ULV U2400 processor sports a 120 GB hard drive.

The Averatec 1500 series notebook is a great budget notebook which enables to provide you with the best portability for travelling.