Technical Specifications of Averatec® 2100-Series

Product Review Summary

The Averatec 2100 is a 12.1 inch widescreen notebook, which has been re-branded as MS 1013 from MSI. The thin and light Averatec 2100 notebook series is targeted for users that need basic computing requirements.


The Averatec 2100 is a slim and portable notebook introduced by Averatec Company. Users have an opportunity to take this notebook together with anywhere due to its light weight. The Averatec 2100’s screen is broad, clear and crisp.

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The Averatec 2100 series is mainly designed for students and professionals. The notebook is built with magnesium alloy or fancy carbon fiber and looks pretty. The lid is closed with strong metal flexible joints and latches are created from plastic. The Averatec 2100 notebook has 4.4 lbs of weight and 4 cell lithium ion batteries. Beneath the screen the speakers are placed and function key is to control the volume. Head phone or external speaker options are available in Averatec 2100 series. The Averatec 2100 series notebook is powered by an AMD Turion 64 MT 28 processor with 1.6 GHz speed.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Build and design

    Like many other budget notebooks in Averatec series, the outer shell of Averatec 2100 is built out of plastic. Although it is not strengthened by carbon fiber or magnesium alloy, the machine feels fairly solid. The screen of this machine does not wobble because of the metal hinges under the plastic cover.

  • FOUR – Glossy screen

    The Averatec 2100 notebook features a glossy widescreen WXGA screen and it is simply delightful. This screen is fairly bright because of the glossy finish but the trade off is that texts can sometimes be unreadable due to glare. The contrast and color of the screen are good.

  • THREE – Speakers

    In the Averatec 2100 notebook, the speakers are located right below the screen. The speakers are very weak in terms of depth and volume. In this case, external speakers or headphones are highly recommended. Volume can be controlled by the function keys.

  • TWO – Processor

    The Averatec 2100 notebook comes with the Turion 64 MT 28 processor that has a speed 1.6 GHz. The Averatec 2100 notebook has 512 MB DDR333 RAM and ATI radeon xpress 200 M graphics. By factory default, the 64 MB of the system memory is dedicated to the integrated graphic card.

  • ONE –  Enhanced energy efficiency

    While the Averatec 2100 notebook uses the low power the MT version of the Turion processor, under normal uses it does get warm in the palm rest areas, more on the right side than on the left, sometimes the bottom also gets warm.

The Averatec 2100 notebook is low cost portable notebook which enables you to work for basic computer requirements. It is for this reason that this notebook is considered best for business professionals.