Review on Averatec® 3200 series notebook

Product Review Summary

Averatec is world famous company for computer and related products. Averatec 3200 is a fast performance laptop. This laptop is very thin in size and produces better results. This computer’s processor speed is very high and it can give the output very fastly. The new stylish design of this product is one of another main attraction.


Averatec 3200 series laptop is a general purpose laptop. Nowadays all types of people are using this laptop for different type of functions. For home users it is very useful for browsing on internet and playing songs and videos. For business purpose it will be a great companion. For the beginners to the experts it is very useful. As it is capable of performing any type of jobs, people from different category are using this laptop.

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Averatec 3200 is a good laptop with a lot of unique features. The thin and light size of the laptop is the key feature of it. With this laptop user can easily complete any type of works within small time duration. The performance of the laptop is the main feature of this product. The basic configuration of the laptop includes AMD Athlon XP-M processor with 1.8 GHz speed, 512 MB DDR DRAM with a speed of 333 MHz, 60 GB hard disk drive, 256 KB installed cache memory, 12.1 in. XGA TFT LCD display screen with 1024 x 768 resolutions, Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition operating system, wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi), CD-RW/DVD-ROM optical drive, Fast Ethernet IEEE 802.11g, Integrated 10/100 Network Card and integrated Wireless LAN etc. The dimension of the laptop is around 10.9 inch width, 9.6 inch depth, and 1 inch height with a 4.5 lb weight.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Thin and Light

    The 1 inch thickness of the laptop helped to reduce the weight. This makes the carrying process of the laptop very simple. As it is very light user can easily travel with this laptop for any extend without too much effort. This thin and light weight design of the laptop is also the advantage of it.

  • FOUR – Powerful

    The Averatec 3200 laptop is a powerful laptop with a very high performance speed. The AMD Athlon XP-M processor in it is capable of performing any kind of works including complex programs within a very few time. The new technologies used in this laptop bring such an amazing performance speed. The processing speed of this laptop is very less in comparison with other laptops.

  • THREE – Touchpad and keyboard

    The touchpad and keyboard is also a main advantage of this laptop. Use of the laptop and the touch pad of this laptop are very easy. The touch pad on the Averatec 3200 is made in correct way to sense the movements of the fingers. The typing on the keyboard of this laptop is also very simple as the buttons are designed and placed on it in such a manner.

  • TWO – Battery Backup

    The battery backup of the system is also very high. It has a high back up to 3 hours. So in the situations like in a long journey or a stay in remote area, user can make use of the laptop for a long time and can work on it without any interruptions if charged the laptop fully. So this laptop will be very useful for such people who need to travel a lot and work on laptop for long time.

  • ONE –  Built-in Wireless

    The built-in wireless technology in the laptop is an advantage of this product. With the help of such a feature, user can easily connect the laptop to wireless network connection. So user can easily use connect the laptop to Internet or to any network. Public places like airports and malls are nowadays providing Wi-Fi networks and hence by using this laptop user can get access to such network connection.

The Averatec 3200 notebook is a good choice for anyone who needs to buy a laptop. The performance of the laptop is amazing and all the features of it will be helpful.