Averatec® 3300-series system reviews

Product Review Summary

Averatec 3300 is a series of laptop with advanced hardware configurations. The laptops are built around Intel Centrino processor. The thin and light weight laptops have 12.1 in TFT active matrix display and weighs around 4.4 pounds. It accommodates a 512 MB that is 1GB RAM expandable along with 60 GB hard disk for providing better start up time and data storage. The system is built in with Intel Pentium M 725 / 1.6 GHz graphics card with Enhanced Speed Step technology for high definition video output.


The Averatec 3300 laptops can be used as desktop replacement and also for mobile purposes. The compact size, light weight and the long battery back make it suitable for travelling. The notebook is integrated with Intel Pentium M 725 / 1.6 GHz for providing high definition video output. The Intel Centrino processor along with 512 MB RAM ensures fast and better computing and start up. This series of notebooks has got excellent connectivity and are compatible with a wide range of related devices.

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The Averatec 3300-series systems have a 14.1 with TFT display designed to meet the needs of both home and mobile users. The notebook weighs only around 4.4 pounds. It houses a 56Wh Li-ion battery with 6 cells for providing a battery runtime of around 4 hours. The laptop is built in with Intel Centrino processor that allows multitasking and better computing. It is integrated with 512 MB system memory and 60 GB hard drive for delivering better start up speed and data storage space. The laptop accommodates optical drive and dedicated graphics and sound cards.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Performance

    The Averatec 3300-series system provides fast and efficient computing performance. The notebook is built around Intel Centrino processor that supports multitasking. The 512MB random access memory and 60 GB hard drive with 5200 rpm speed allows quick start up and fast storage and retrieval of data stored in it. The presence of dedicated graphics and sound cards ensure excellent visual and audio experience. The notebook is installed with Windows XP professional operating system that accounts for its excellent security and operating features.

  • FOUR – Connectivity

    This series of notebooks has excellent network connectivity making use of network adapter and Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG Ethernet support card along with 2.1 EDR Bluetooth. Averatec 3300-series system also integrates sufficient external provisions that include three USB ports, one Kensington lock, Audio and microphone connection slots along with port for card reader and other necessary expansion ports.

  • THREE – Compatibility

    Averatec 3300-series notebooks are hundred percent compatible with all sorts of software applications. The notebook is installed with Genuine Windows Vista business Operating System. The notebook installed with Windows XP Professional Operating System has auto detection tool that automatically detects and installs hardware devices connected to it without the need for driver.

  • TWO – Design

    The notebooks are designed for meeting both home and mobile purposes. The notebook carries a 14.1 inch TFT display. It measures only three centimeters. Even though the notebook has a slim construction it is very stable.

  • ONE –  Battery Life

    Averatec 3300-series Notebook houses a 56 Watt-hour Lithium ion battery for providing excellent battery runtime. The battery runtime is a prime factor in case of notebooks as the length of work depends on the battery runtime. The notebook comes with 14.1 TFT display for reduced battery consumption.

Averatec 3300-series systems are a smart option if users are looking for desktop replacements.