Review on Averatec® 3700-series notebooks

Product Review Summary

Averatec 3700 series notebooks are best in their category.They are light and slim notebook currently available in the market. Averatec 3700 notebook has a metallic appearance and is available in silver color. Notebook keyboard is designed on the basis of normal keyboard. Compared to many other notebooks Averatec 3700 series notebook from Averatec is very inexpensive.


Averatec 3700-series notebook is 1 inch thin and weighs 4.5 lbs. Averatec 3700-series notebook comes with Lithium Ion battery and which has the ability to provide excellent backup time. Averatec 3700-series notebook has got several advanced features to improve its overall performance. Averatec 3700 notebook is perfectly fit for almost everyone for work or play.

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Averatec 3700-series notebook comes with 12 inch XGA TFT widescreen display and Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Operating System. The processor used in this notebook is 1.8 GHz speed AMD Sempron. The storage capacity of this notebook is 80 GB. Averatec 3700-series notebook has got 512 MB RAM for better performance. Some of the other features include USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet port, VideoLAN and firewire. All the keys on this notebook are in normal sized and simple to typing. This notebook offers the reverse slash key to correct an error. The FN key is placed at the lower left corner of the Averatec 3700-series notebook’s keyboard. The touch pad of this Averatec 3700 notebook is responsive and performance is well.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Connectivity

    Averatec 3700-series notebook comes with a wireless LAN for excellent connectivity. The Averatec 3700-series notebook supports both 802.11b and 802.11g and these are the two most popular wireless formats. There is a standard Ethernet RJ-45 jack on the left side of this notebook. Averatec 3700-series notebook also offers a modem jack right next to the RJ-45 jack.

  • FOUR – Screen

    Averatec 3700-series notebook has a 12 inch XGA screen with a native resolution of 1024 × 768. Averatec 3700-series notebook display also has some anti frown properties. This anti glare properties really helps if you are outside on a bright sunny day. The brightness of this 12 inch screen is excellent compared to many other notebooks.

  • THREE – Software

    Averatec 3700-series notebook comes equipped with burning software. It is the most essential software needed in a computer system. Some of the other software come with this notebook are Cyberlink DVD solution, Mediashow, Power2Go, PowerProducer and PowerDVD. Averatec 3700-series notebook is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP Operating System. This notebook is also able to works with latest versions of Windows.

  • TWO – Performance

    The performance of the Averatec 3700-series notebook is very impressive. This smaller notebook from Averatec comes with a small screen and a fast processor. Averatec 3700-series notebook is excellent to handle all the demanding tasks like graphics processing, number crunching and gaming. You can improve the performance of your Averatec 3700-series notebook by upgrading the memory.

  • ONE –  Speakers

    Averatec 3700-series notebook comes with stereo speakers. These stereo speakers are very impressive because the sound quality of those speakers is excellent. Compared to many other notebooks currently available in the market, the Averatec 3700-series notebook’s speakers are most excellent. You can also improve the sound effects of the Averatec 3700-series notebook by adding additional set of speakers.

Averatec 3700-series notebook is one of the most attractive and inexpensive notebook currently available in the market. This notebook from Averatec also offers excellent performance compared to some other notebooks.