Review on Averatec® 4100 Series notebook

Product Review Summary

The Averatec 4100 Series notebook features an AMD Turion 64 processor which supports 64 bit application and it features a crisp AveraBrite display in order to empower visual effects of the display. In addition to that the 802.11 wireless technology provides improved reach and speed in order to keep you connected wherever you go.


The Averatec 4100 Series notebook is the best companions at the time of journey. It has small footprint of 12.3 x 8.8 inches and measures one inch thickness thereby providing easy transportation. At the same time the special hinge which closes with a gentle snap to hold the lid securely against the base.

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The Averatec 4100 Series notebook is specially designed and the best choice for the people who are constantly on the go. So for the user’s comfort Averatec designed the 4.6 pound which makes it an ideal business gadget. With its stylish design it does attract everyone towards it and its functional efficient does bind everyone to it ones they start using it. It even provides excellent battery life so that the users who are always on the go can work on it even if there are not in reach of power source.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Keyboard and Touchpad

    Once you open the laptop you would be wonder struck looking at the beauty of the white keyboard and touchpad besides the white surrounding the keyboard and screen. The touchpad provides a comfortable space for palmrest thereby providing you complete comfort which using the notebook. On the other hand the though the dimensions are compact the keyboard is suitably placed to have comfortable typing experience.

  • FOUR – Display

    The 13.3 inch widescreen display is an ideal for watching DVDs. With an installed InterVideo WinDVD application, you can have smooth watch of the play without any disturbances. Apart from that the notebook’s audio also supports a lot in enhancing the output from the DVD thereby providing a theatre experience.

  • THREE – Hard Drive

    The Averatec 4100 Series notebook comes with spacious 80 GB hard drive so that you can run all your desired applications. Apart from that it also has SD/MMC/Memory Stick Reader to enhance the storage. On the other hand for transferring data from the hard drive to external storage, the notebook is provided with three USB 2.0 ports along with plenty of connectivity options.

  • TWO – Specification

    The AMD Turion 64 processor provides complete support for excellent output for every application in the system. In addition to that, the 512 MB DDR memory provides you capability to perform multitasking comfortably. It runs at 1.6 GHz and provides full megabyte of integrated cache memory thereby making you computing experience enjoyable.

  • ONE –  Miscellaneous

    The Averatec 4100 Series notebook is very much beneficial for users who are always travelling as part of their curriculum. As a result of which the notebooks are manufactured with compact dimensions so that they could be easy for transportation and even the configuration is done in such a way that they give excellent output.

It is a very comfortable laptop to carry along to where ever you go. Get a Averatec 4100 series laptop and experience the real fun in computing.