Review on Averatec® 4200-series notebook

Product Review Summary

Averatec 4200-series notebook is an ultra portable notebook. This notebook features Intel Centrino mobile technology that provides wonderful mobile performance while enabling long battery life through power saving technologies. Averatec 4200-series notebook has got 13.3 inch display. Averatec 4200-series notebook widescreen display offers high resolution display with perfect viewing size. This notebook has full size keyboard and comfortable 4.7 lbs weight.


Averatec 4200-series notebook has got advanced features to improve its performance. Averatec 4200-series is a perfect fit for almost everyone for work or play. Averatec 4200-series notebook has got impressive style and improved performance. This notebook is compatible with Intel Centrino Mobile Technology.

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Averatec 4200-series notebook is featuring a crisp AveraBrite display. This display is a perfect solution for viewing DVDs and CDs. Averatec 4200-series ultra portable notebooks come with Intel Centrino Mobile Technology. Averatec 4200-series notebook is equipped with a collection of multimedia features such as IEEE 1394, 4-in-1 Media Reader and a multi-format DVD burner. Intel Centrino mobile technology enables long life for battery for enlarged efficiency and provides built-in 802.11b/g wireless technology. This technology provides greater speed improved reach and added security. Averatec 4200-series notebooks give the real digital experience to the users. This laptop delivers sufficient amount of storage capacity to the users. Averatec 4200-series notebook is able to perform your multimedia functions, social networking. This notebook is very easy to carry.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Processor and performance

    Averatec 4200-series notebook has got efficient Pentium M processor with a speed of 1.6GHz speed. Averatec 4200 notebook performs very fast and snappy in all tasks. Averatec 4200 notebook’s processor is able to perform high resolution graphics. So the user can finish tasks with a particular time period by using this Averatec 4200-series notebook.

  • FOUR – Build and design

    Averatec chose an interesting color scheme for Averatec 4200-series notebook. Averatec 4200-series notebook has a simple elegant white look for the keyboard palm-rest, and screen bezel. This notebook looks wonderful and it is one of the very few notebooks encountered with an even bezel width surrounding the screen.Averatec 4200-series notebook computer has got better communication capabilities.

  • THREE – Screen

    Averatec 4200-series notebook’s screen provides better clearness to the pictures.Averatec 4200-series notebook’s screen has got 13.3 inch widescreen high brightness LCD display with high resolutions. This resolution is strong enough for most of the applications. This screen has got fantastic crispness, saturation and contrast and it is very bright. The user can change the brightness settings of this Averatec 4200-series notebook.

  • TWO – Ports and Wi-Fi

    Averatec 4200-series notebook comes with vast connectivity features. It has got Intel PRO Wireless 802.11b/g Wi-Fi which is very good range and reliability. This notebook has also got integrated10/100 wired Ethernet and a 56k v.92 modem. This notebook had three USB 2.0 ports, a PS2 port, a standard VGA port and standard audio out and in jacks.

  • ONE –  Battery life

    The battery life is an important part of every laptop. Averatec 4200-series notebook runtime is very good. Averatec 4200-series notebook has 2000mAh smart Lithium Ion battery. Averatec 4200-series notebook claims 4 hours, and we consistently got 3.5 hours with Wi-Fi on. The 6 cell battery is an advantage for this Averatec 4200-series notebook.

Averatec 4200-series notebook is a very comfortable laptop for the users. Averatec 4200-series notebook is dedicated to consumers accustomed to daily activities and entertainment.