Review on Averatec® 5500 series notebook

Product Review Summary

Averatec 5500 is a good performance laptop. The product is famous for its fast performance and light weight. The product comes with a lot of new features. The laptop is powered with a lot of new features. Even though it is a laptop it can perform almost all functions that a desktop computer can perform. Many of the special features of this product made this very popular among its users.


Averatec 5500 is a good performance laptop with a lot of new features. As it is a laptop it is useful for peoples who need travel a lot and need to use computers during their journey. But nowadays almost all people including students, officers, business men etc are using Averatec 5500. Since the weight of the laptop is very low when comparing with the other laptops, it will be very easy for its users to carry it.

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Averatec 5500 is a fast performance laptop. The main features of this laptop includes its bright LCD screen, the new design, built-in firewire, less weight, good battery backup etc. Averatec 5500 comes with a powerful configuration like 256 MB DDR SDRAM, 40 GB hard disk, 15 in. XGA TFT LCD screen with 1024 x 768 resolution, Windows XP Home Edition operating system, AMD Sempron processor with 333 MHz speed, CD-RW/DVD-ROM optical drive, ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9600 graphics processor and 64 MB video memory, integrated 10/100 Network Card and Integrated Wireless LAN, Fast Ethernet IEEE 802.11g, and a dimension of 13.1 inch width, 10.7 inch depth, 1.4 inch height, 6.8lb weight. It also supports card slots and 3 USB drives to expand its functionality.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Fast Performance

    One of the key features of tAveratec 5500 is its fast performance. The computer is powered with a fast 1.83 GHz AMD Sempron processor. It can perform in a speed of 333 MHz. The memory configuration of the product also helps to produce a fast performance. When comparing with other similar laptops we can do any kind of difficult jobs very easily. Any complex type of programs can be solved in this laptop very easily.

  • FOUR – Light Weight

    The low weight is another main feature of this product. The weight of the product is nearly 6.8 lb. That is very low in comparison with other laptops. As the weight is very low it is very easy to carry with us. Also the working on this laptop is also made very easy by the low weight of this product. For the users who are frequently used to travel a lot, this laptop will be very helpful due to the low weight.

  • THREE – Display

    The display settings of the product bring a new experience to the user. With the 1024 x 768 resolution it produces very high quality display. The graphics and video memory used in this laptop gives better quality visual experience to its users. The 15 inch XGA TFT LCD screen supports almost all color combination and thus we can enjoy the images and videos like we are visiting that in real.

  • TWO – Battery Backup

    The battery back up of this laptop is very high. We can use the laptop without charging up to 3 hours. This much of back up is very high in comparison with other similar products. So in the case of travelling in flight or in a remote area we can continue with our work on laptop for several hours with out any worry. The lithium ion battery used in the laptop is giving that much backup to the system.

  • ONE –  Design & Interface

    The simple and stylish design of the laptop gives a new look to it. The new stylish design is very attractive and good in looking. The slim design makes the carrying purpose of the system very simple. The user interface of the system is also very simple and easy to use. Like the normal computers any one can easily work with the laptop.

Averatec 5500 is a best choice for all its users. All the new features on this laptop make this different from others. With the high performance and good display quality the product is very useful for any type of its users.