Averatec® 7170-EC1 Series Review

Product Review Summary

The Averatec 7170 AV7170-EC1 is a full featured notebook with powerful dual core processing and graphics to expand your digital entertainment capabilities. This notebook also offers a sleek contemporary design.


The Averatec 7170 AV7170-EC1 notebook has the advantage of a very large 18.5 inch display, which is essential for basic web surfing and light media utilities, moreover the notebook is easily portable to work, home or other requirements.

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The Averatec 7170 AV7170-EC1 series notebook is fully featured for all of today’s digital entertainment needs. The notebook is powered by AMD’s Turion 64 X2 TL 50 1.6 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM. The Averatec 7170 can handle today’s most demanding programs and applications. Extremely thin and mobile at 7.3 lbs, you can take the Averatec 7170 notebook anywhere. When you get there you can be secure in the fact that you’ll be able to access the Internet with the Averatec 7170 notebook’s wireless LAN capabilities. The Averatec 7170 series notebook has a great display with Averatec’s own Averabrite technology behind the super bright 17 inch widescreen.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Operating System

    The Averatec 7170 AV7170-EC1 notebook is loaded with Microsoft Windows XP media center edition. It is not that much different from the average Windows XP professional OS, but it adds in a bit of a media experience. The media center feature is very neat to have and it looks neat once you get it setup and working.

  • FOUR – Graphics card

    The Averatec 7170 AV7170-EC1 notebook comes with nVIDIA Go 6100 graphics card. It idles around at about 59 to 60 degrees Celsius when it is not doing anything. The graphics card control panel is nice and easy to use. It has all sorts of features that you can use and tells about what they do.

  • THREE – Monitor

    The Averatec 7170 AV7170-EC1 notebook comes with a 17 inch WXGA+ LCD Averabrite monitor. The picture quality of this display is amazing. The display is also viewable from almost all angles unlike traditional LCD and plasma displays.

  • TWO – Hard drive

    The Averatec 7170 AV7170-EC1 notebook is equipped with a 100 GB hard drive with a 7200 RPM speed. This hard drive was just as fast as your average desktop hard drive. The dual layer DVD drive in this machine works like lightning when it is used in conjunction with the fast hard drive.

  • ONE –  High End Features

    The Averatec 7170 AV7170-EC1 notebook has 1 GB of DDR2 RAM. With this, you can run a fair amount of applications at once straight out of the box. The Averatec 7170 notebook also have built in 802.11 B/G wireless networking. Some of the other features of this machine include the 5 in 1 portable media reader, 3 USB ports and one fire wire port.

The Averatec 7170 AV7170-EC1 series notebooks are extremely stylish and come in an all black finish. The machine also offers a number of new features than some other notebooks. If you are looking forward to an office notebook then the Averatec 7170 AV7170-EC1 will help you in enhancing you skills.