Features and Benefits of Averatec® All In One

Product Review Summary

The Averatec all-in-one PC is a full featured desktop personal computer, as it features powerful dual core processing and graphics to expand your digital entertainment capabilities. The Averatec all-in-one PC also offers a sleek contemporary design.


The Averatec all-in-one PC has the advantage of a very large 18.4 inch display. For basic web surfing and multimedia support the PC has great performance. Averatec all-in-one PC is low in cost and high on portability.

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Averatec all-in-one PC offers enhanced features in its series. Compared with similar systems in its series, the all-in-one has competitive price. As is typical of Windows based all in ones, the Averatec PC offers the capability to upgrade as compared to other PCs in its series. The glossy black frame of this PC features clean lines with no severe angles, protruding speakers or wasted space. In addition to familiar design elements like a side mounted slot loading optical drive and a row of ports on the back, the Averatec PC also features hard buttons on the right edge that offer basic display controls for brightness, display power as well as volume and mute buttons.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Keyboard and mouse

    The Averatec all-in-one PC comes with a keyboard and mouse. They are wired and are pretty basic in design and quality. Both the keyboard and mouse are smaller than average which may be good if you are short on space but not so much for long term use.

  • FOUR – LCD display

    The Averatec all-in-one PC features an 18.4 inch LCD directly attached to a base that houses the hardware of the system. The display has a glossy finish, framed on a glossy black bezel with an integrated webcam centered on the top.

  • THREE – Size

    The base of the Averatec all-in-one PC is roughly one square inch larger than a standard 10 inch netbook. Despite being nearly the same size, Averatec all in one PC has managed to include an optical drive.

  • TWO – Technical specifications

    Technical specifications of the Averatec all in one PC are similar to most netbooks, with an Intel Atom N270 processor that operating at 1.6 GHz speed, Intel 945MS + ICH7 chipset, 1 GB of DDR2 memory, 160 GB hard drive spinning at 5400 RPM, 10/100 LAN and 802.11 b/g WLAN, all running on Windows XP Operating System.

  • ONE –  Build

    The front of the base on the Averatec all-in-one PC has a chrome accent strip with two LEDs along with six buttons, they include power, brightness up/down, mute and LCD. The right side of the machine features a MMC/SD/memory stick card reader, microphone and headphone jacks, two USB ports, exhaust vent and a VGA out port.

The Averatec all-in-one PC provides several great features which include space saving design, large integrated screen, decent performance, considering netbook grade components and five USB ports.