Using boot disk in Averatec® system

What is boot disk and what is its role? Get tips to use boot disk in Averatec systems.

A boot disk is just a floppy disk which contains boot source of the Operating System, to start your system, when it is not able to start up on its own. Boot source contains information that are essential to start up your Averatec system. Such boot source is located within the hard disk. All users of Averatec system are advised to create a boot disk of the OS so that even if some major issues do come up with the boot source on the hard disk, system could be still recovered and accessed. The boot disk for Windows OS installed on your system could be created using System and Security Option in the backup computer option of the control panel. Before you could use boot disk, you need to verify or consider certain things to ensure proper working of boot disk in your Averatec system. You need to ensure whether video drivers are updated. Clean the system completely running antivirus software from DOS. Ensure all unnecessary application running at the background are disabled. Boot the system from safe mode to identify and remove all hardware items and duplicate devices in Device Manager.

The following are some of the roles played by boot disk in Averatec systems:

  • Overcomes the need of OS reinstallation

  • Quick recovery of system

  • Recovery of data

Overcomes the need of OS reinstallation

The boot disk for your Averatec system would help make the system accessible in order to restore the system or remove some issues with the OS. If complicated issues with the Operating System installed on your system come up, then users would have to reinstall the Operating System after inserting the installation disk of the OS. With boot disk, users would be able to totally eliminate the need for OS reinstallation.

Quick recovery of system

The boot disk shall help users to recover the system in a very fast and efficient manner. With the boot disk, users themselves would be able to get the system working without the need to take the system or the hard disk to a system repair store and the boot disk could be used even when users are not in a place to access a genuine service center.

Recovery of data

Problems with the functioning of operating system would make all of the data contained in the hard disk of the system inaccessible. In those cases, the boot disk would come in very handy for the users who cannot startup the system to access some critical information on the system. As the system could be booted up using the disk, users would be able to gain access to the system and copy required data onto another medium.

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