Tips to use restore disk on Averatec® system

What is the need and use of a restore disk? Provide guidelines to use restore disk on Averatec system.

Averatec Restore Disks are efficient tools for recovering data. They not only procure files and folders from corrupted data base system, but also provide efficient back up features and hard disk cleaning facility. The data base system on your Averatec System may get corrupted due to many reasons. Viruses in the system destroy the file storing places (DBX file system). Power interruptions may also cause this problem. This causes difficulty in accessing files and folders. Sometimes you may see some parts of your Averatec laptop not functioning properly. That is there could be sound problems or you might get poor displays. The recovery CDs issued by Averatec system will recover your data immediately after installation.

The features of Averatec Restore Disk and tips to install it are given below:

  • Tips to use Averatec Restore Disk

  • Automatically installs every driver

  • Put your system to factory settings

Tips to use Averatec Restore Disk

There are two types of recovery methods- destructive and non destructive recoveries. If you opt for destructive recovery, then backup all your data and store them conveniently on secondary storage devices like CDs. Then insert the recovery disk and reboot your computer. You will get information regarding the booting process. You should press 'F1' or 'F12' for this process. After rebooting you get the Recovery CD highlighted on your screen. Click 'Enter' to load it. Then follow the online prompts. Your recovery CD gets installed in your system.

Automatically installs every driver

Another feature of the restore disk is the fixing of hard disk problems. If you have installed Windows Operating System, but can't access it and an error message appears saying "Improper installation of drivers', you can use this CD for recovery. Install this CD by following the instructions displayed on the screen. The restore disk will automatically install all the drivers needed for your Averatec laptop. If you are installing manually, it will take a very long time and there is a chance of you getting confused over different versions of drivers. The driver you install may not be the correct one. Averatec Restore Disk removes all these difficulties.

Put your system to factory settings

Another important feature of Averatec Restore Disk is that it brings back your system to factory settings easily. The procedure is simple. If the Windows Operating System doesn't work properly and there is no proper audio or video display, then you can utilize this CD. After installation, the drivers get automatically installed and the system starts working normally. That is your system returns to factory settings.

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