How to tackle “bad command” error

Usually, error messages get displayed on the Windows-based computer when the system is unable to recognize the condition related to hardware or software running on it. Whenever a computer encounters a problem, it informs you about the problem by displaying an error box. These messages are normally manifested when user intervention is needed to fix a specific problem.

There are different types of errors that you might encounter, such as bad command, missing command interpreter, divide overflow, drive not ready error, file creation error, invalid directory, insufficient disk space and many others.

Bad command is one of the common error messages in Microsoft’s MS-DOS and other operating systems that you might encounter. Originated in the BASIC interpreters of the 1980s, the message bad command or file name denotes a "syntax error" message.

You can encounter this problem if you have mistyped a command to be executed. Even the very experienced user might have trouble understanding this message.

You can encounter "bad Command or File name" error if autoexec.bat or config.sys has a line that is not properly typed or is missing. To fix this issue, first you need to find which line has been mistyped in your autoexec.bat or config.sys that’s causing this issue.

Choose step-by-step confirmation, option that is available in your Windows Startup menu. Once you have chosen, the computer will prompt you to say “Yes” or “No” to each command stored for your computer. Until you get the error, say yes to each of these commands. Once you locate the error, write down the line you said “Yes” to. Edit your autoexec.bat / config.sys, once you get back to Windows. Find the file and try to correct the line.

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