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Top 5 Consumer Complaints
In this section, iYogi reviews the Top 5 Consumer Complaints every week based on a different issue/product each time. The issues could range from complaints related with antivirus installation to printers and a lot more.
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Under this section, iYogi endeavors to provide a single platform to give befitting answer/answers to all your technical query/queries. This section is a one-stop shop for all querulous issues pertaining to technology and technical support.

  • Q) Somehow I don't feel the need to have or spend on technical support! Is it required?
  • Q) Is the iYogi service economically viable?
  • Q) What's the difference between iYogi and other technical support service providers?
Check before you Crib

To err is human. More than often, the problem at hand with your PC could be a simple one. Although ISP-related Complaints are most common; a loose plug

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  • Things to check before making printer complaints ...more
Complaints on health Tips

Take that extra step and get off your seat or couch and engage in some physical activity like stretching or walking. Studies reveal that when your average

  • iYogi health tips for complaints due to prolonged computer usage ...more
  • Top 5 Health Complaints Caused By Computer Use ...more
Complaints on Out of Scope products

Although iYogi technicians are regularly provided with training on new products, there is an "Unsupported List" of products and services that iYogi does not

  • iYogi recommendations on things to check before making ISP-related complaints ...more
  • Customer Complaints on iYogi not supporting Computer Hardware ...more

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