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Support for Compression and Zip

Comprehensive 24/7 technical support for Compression and Zip

Under the compression and Zip support services, expert technicians will help you compress your files to make them smaller and extract or unpack archived files. This will make transfer and back up of files much faster.

Just give us the green light to access your computer and Zip files through the Internet and our tech experts will take it from there. We are available anytime, anywhere.

Our compression and Zip support services include assistance for zipping and unzipping file archives, encrypting files for privacy concern and extracting or unpacking archived files.

The support also includes file compression solutions and much more. Compressing files releases more space for better storage, and reduces transmission delays.

Call iYogi and get comprehensive support for your Zip files and optimize the compressive abilities through the assistance of our iYogi Certified Technicians.

Scope of Service

Apart from the comprehensive compression and Zip services, our support also includes:

  • Diagnostic & repair for your technologies
  • Troubleshoot software errors
  • Update drivers and security to protect against online threats
  • Connect to the Internet, devices and peripherals
  • Optimize your PC’s speed and performance

Here’s what you get with our award-winning service:

  • Get our Annual Unlimited Tech Support at just $169.99.
  • Just sit back and relax while our tech experts work on your PC remotely through the Internet.
  • Our tech experts are available anytime, anywhere.
  • Our technicians are skilled and have been trained to tackle and resolve the most complex issues related to your Zip files and your computer.
  • iYogi’s customer satisfaction is not only the highest in the industry at 95%, but its services are also award winning.

At iYogi, we support WinRAR®, WinZip®, 7-Zip, and other file archives’ and compressors for Microsoft® Windows®.


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