Annual Unlimited Remote Support for Compression and Zip by iYogi

Do you see this “Attachment size exceeds the allowable limit” message more often? If you are facing this exceeding file size issue, then, you can attain a possible solution simply by compressing and zipping all the files in a zip folder. Apart from reducing size, another reason why we should opt for file compression and zip utilities is protection of the data. Zip software allows encrypting the file before sharing or transferring which is only accessible to users who know the password to decrypt the file while extracting data – but which encryption software to rely on? Which is the best compression format to match your needs and the operating system of your computer? How file archiving process works? What are the tools to use – clear your file compression and zip dilemmas with an expert at iYogi. We guide, perform and fix issues related to file compression, zip and unzip tools and technologies to aid in efficient file management solutions. Our tech support is vast, versatile and known for high resolution rates – and definitely, worth a try!

How it works?

iYogi offers comprehensive file compression and zip solutions across all platforms – we know absolutely no barrier in terms of operating systems, formats and tools of file compression. Are you yet to decide the format and tool to compress files? Call iYogi to get acquainted with all formats including zip, tar.gz, tar.bzip2, 7z, and rar and choose the right tools that provide full protection and seamless compression solutions for your important and sensitive documents. iYogi’s tech support experts are thoroughly experienced and expert in working with different types of technical requirements with file compression software. With our reputation of high resolution rates in the industry, our customers heavily rely upon us to take care of their technical issues and requirements including –

  • Install file compression tool
  • Configuration
  • Optimization
  • Compression, zip and unzip
  • File protection
  • File extraction
  • Activation or deactivation
  • Install and manage updates
  • Fix compatibility issues
  • All major brands of software
  • All formats of file compression

3 easy steps to complete zip support

It just takes 3 simple steps to resolve any issue you encounter

Step 1: Dial iYogi toll-free number or hit the ‘Chat Now’ button

Step 2: Tell us your requirement – archive, zip, unzip, extract, activate or anything

Step 3: Our technicians will seek remote access – allow remote connection

With this, your job is done. Now, you can simply lay back, brew coffee or just relax. The entire procedure performed by our technicians is right in front of you – therefore, here are no hidden risks of accidental removal of files, disappearing of important data or modification of your system specifications. Our technicians check your system configuration, scan files to select the best zip or RAR utility, install or troubleshoot issues within the comfort of your home. And you get all these services and solutions for just one-time economical subscription fee.

Benefits of iYogi remote tech support

iYogi offers annual unlimited remote tech support services benefit you with –

  • Certified technicians’ assistance
  • Instant access via internet from anywhere, anytime
  • Support for all major brands of software and  hardware components of computers
  • Support all major brands of computers, peripherals and mobile devices