Computer Support Services

A computer that is slow, laden with errors, or that overheats itself is no good… we understand that completely and therefore provide you the simplest, yet the best fixes to get rid of the issues.

You can’t imagine a day without your computer – from using it to create your college presentation to compiling your monthly budget and from doing your office work to exploring your entertainment and recreational options – your computer helps you do it all. However, it needs regular maintenance and optimization and if you aren’t comfortable taking care of it yourself, you will need to look for expert assistance to get these tasks done. Yes, though simple it may appear, computer maintenance and optimization tasks can be pretty tedious, technically challenging, and time consuming as well. So, to help you out in this, we have an entire fleet of tech experts who are on call round the clock to help you and provide you the services at a time, budget-range and convenience of your choice.

To call us, dial the iYogi toll free number provided above and we will promptly get back to you.

In addition to that, you could also connect to us via the chat window on the right of your screen or write to us. We can establish a remote connection on your computer to help you fix it instantly and very much in front of your eyes.

Services available in the iYogi repertoire

Connect to us anytime you need our help and we are here to help you. Our wide ranging computer support services include:

  • Installing and setting up your brand new computer
  • Configuring the security settings to keep it safe
  • Installing the peripherals and connected devices to get you going
  • Installing and updating drivers and other software required in your computer
  • Removing software conflicts including fixing Registry errors and cleaning malware

These are just a few to name here. iYogi tech experts are also prompt in offering you computer support that includes:

  • Setting up your computer network – wired and wireless
  • Helping you backup and restore your digital data
  • Fixing issues in your computer and peripherals
  • Restoring your operating system and installed applications
  • Upgrading your computer and settings for better productivity

Is iYogi your tech-guide?

Yes, it is. We are not only your tech experts to fix a technical glitch when one occurs; we are also your security advisor recommending you to the right security solution and configurations you need on your devices to keep your digital life safe. By subscribing to iYogi computer support services, you get:

  • Access to iYogi Certified Technicians round the clock
  • Help to manage and optimize your peripherals and Internet connection
  • Expert assistance to keep your security solution optimized and updated
  • Help with computers of all makes and models from brands including HP, Dell, Lenovo, Sony and others