Customer Complaints on iYogi not supporting Apple products

Tech support can be best described as a service with which assistance related to technology is provided. With technology foraying to fields that directly touches lives, tech support companies have mushroomed everywhere. The generic term ‘tech support’ is usually associated with computer-related services as they require utmost assistance. Technical support might be provided over the phone or some other medium such as a website or a special tool intended for the same. With the advent of remote tech service companies, customers can now resolve all technology-related issues for their gadgets at a single platform from the comfort of their home or office.

Technological advances are happening at lightning speed and brands are coming out with new products on a daily basis. iYogi makes every effort to include as many products as possible under its service umbrella. Our technicians are trained on a continuous basis to ensure that our customers enjoy premium quality service 24/7. Nonetheless, there are some products and services that iYogi does not currently support. These products and services are usually not very common and has minimal effect when it comes to the overall range of coverage. At times we receive complaints from customers citing that certain specific products or services are not covered within our scope of service and they would like those products or services to be included in our list of supported products. We value such complaints from customers and they often help us better our products and services.

iYogi receives regular complaints from customers saying that certain specific products are not supported. Only recently, a customer made a complaint that the customer was fully satisfied with the service he was getting from iYogi for his Dell laptop and HP printer, but he was unhappy about the fact that iYogi was not providing support for his iPad, In another case, a customer was extremely happy with the service he was getting for his desktop and camera, but was upset that iYogi was not supporting Mac. We monitor customer complaints on a regular basis and try and address such complaints on priority. We would like to assure our customers that all efforts are being made to keep adding new products to our support base and ensure that iYogi becomes the one-stop shop for resolving all technology related problems for our customers.

IYogi continuously adds new products and services to our “supported” inventory list and Apple products are first in line. IYogi believes in complete customer satisfaction and until the entire team of iYogi technicians are capable of handling all issues related to out of scope products, iYogi will put them in “unsupported list”. Technicians are provided with training regarding new products and as soon as iYogi feels they are competent enough with handling new services, the concerned product/ service would be moved to the supported category.

Even though iYogi customers might have signed up for subscription at a time when support for some products was not available, they would be added during the due course of time. Complaints regarding out of scope products are carefully monitored and based on the frequency of complaints, products are added to our support list. We are grateful to customers who keep sending us their feedbacks which help us a great deal in improving our quality of service.

iYogi is one of the world’s leading tech support providers with unmatched quality and superior levels of customer satisfaction. iYogi supports all kinds of computers, Operating Systems, peripherals and software. All technicians have been specifically trained to resolve any issue that a normal user might come across. IYogi services can be sought 24/7, any time of the year ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. iYogi offers customers a single platform to resolve all technology-related issues related with various devices across brands instantly. Customers can opt for various subscription packages depending on their requirement. Packages varying from annual subscription to issue-based ones are available for the customers to choose from. Customers can also try out our free chat facility to get a first-hand experience of our services. From time to time, iYogi also publishes alerts on scams and frauds occurring on the internet and provides readers with tips to guard themselves from such notorious activities.

Today, iYogi serves over 400000 customers and has resolved more than 2 million PC issues worldwide. Quality service has been our focus right from the beginning and this has catapulted us to one of the leading remote tech service providers worldwide. Any inconvenience caused to iYogi customers because of unsupported services or out of scope products is deeply regretted. Feedbacks regarding such instances are welcome at all times.

Matt G.
18 Feb, 2013

Issues with my Mac were competently handled by iyogi technician. He helped me solve all my issues and helped me sync all my data to the cloud, well within the 5Gb limit… now all my data is backed up and secure on the cloud. I’m impressed to the core!

George Dawson
5 Feb, 2013

Thanks to iYogi, I have gained better control over my iPhone and MacBook Pro. iYogi technicians for Apple support are very competent, have in depth domain expertise and deliver effective troubleshooting service. From malware to syncing with a printer or other devices, or troubleshooting iCloud, I get to solve all these problems with just one phone call. Isn’t it cool?

Carlos Eduardo
1 Feb, 2013

Addition of tech support for Apple products to the range of products supported by iYogi was what I was looking forward to since I bought iPhone 4S. iYogi’s support for Mac and iOS is as efficient as their support for Windows-based computers and software. Both my brother and me subscribed with iYogi for Windows and Apple products and we are extremely happy.

Peter Petrelli
22 Jan, 2013

I was unable to use iCloud on my iPad. I searched a lot but couldn’t found out a solution. Despite knowing, that iyogi doesn’t provide tech support for Apple products, I called iYogi. But to my surprise, they now offer support for issues on Apple devices. Thanks for initiating the services.

Gregory Reed, Lexington
11 Jan, 2013

Not only Apple MacBook Air was running smoothly, smoother than velvet! I know I am bragging about my MacBook Air, that’s what my friends tell (kinda complain!) me as well. However, one day it was showing this strange problem when it was showing errors in loading new e-mails on Outlook Express. I called iYogi and a technician picked my call quickly. He was patient, friendly and was extremely technically sound in Apple products. Boy, I was totally impressed!

Grant Kercher
26 Dec, 2012

iYogi helped me update my software on my Mac so that I can download and play latest tunes on my computer. I have iYogi subscription for my Windows computer, but I was happy to know that they now support Apple devices as well… iYogi has now become my one stop shop for all tech problems…

David Tuchman
18 Dec, 2012

I bought a new MacBook Pro right after it’s release. And boy was I happy! Until one day when it crashed. I spoke to an Apple technician but he didn’t understand me all. Then my friend gave me iYogi’s number. The technician was quick in detecting the problem and fixed it perfectly… I couldn’t have asked for more!!!