Out of scope complaints: Customer Complaints on iYogi not supporting Computer Hardware

As computers become more common, tech support companies are finding their profits heading north. Tech support mainly refers to computer-related services as these require the most assistance. Nowadays, with the mushrooming of remote tech service companies, customers can get all tech-related issues resolved at one single click, from a single remote-service provider, while sitting in their home or office.

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and companies keep bringing out new products almost every second day. iYogi technicians are trained in handling all types of technical complaints. They ensure that customer complaints are handled courteously and professionally. However, there are some products and services that iYogi does not support. These products and services are rather uncommon and do not matter much when taken in comparison to the overall range of coverage.

iYogi gets regular complaints from people saying that certain products are not supported. For instance, a customer complained that iYogi was not providing support for his iPad though he had no problems with iYogi technical support for his Dell laptop or printer. iYogi does monitor such complaints on a regular basis and resolves these issues on priority. iYogi has assured its customers that it is trying to add new products to its inventory and become the ultimate destination for resolving all customer complaint issues.

Even though iYogi customers might have signed up for subscription at a time when support for some products was not available, they would be added during the due course of time. Complaints regarding out of scope products are carefully monitored and based on the frequency of complaints, products are then added to a support list. iYogi takes great care in monitoring customer feedback which helps a great deal in evaluating and improving its quality of service.

iYogi is one of the world’s leading tech support providers with a very high level of customer satisfaction. IYogi supports all kinds of computers, Operating Systems, peripherals and software. All iYogi technicians have been trained to resolve any issue that a normal user might come across. IYogi services can be sought 24/7, any time of the year ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

jeff elrod
28 Jan, 2013

Who says iYogi does not support computer hardware issues? My college friend Chris has signed up with on-site computer repair by iYogi in New York. And he keeps bragging about wise decision he made by signing up with iYogi and that he get the best engineer in town to troubleshoot his computer hardware issues.

Marcia Fox
14 Jan, 2013

Everyone says expectations always hurt. But expecting unbelievable tech support services from iYogi can never disappoint you. Alike their online support, the onsite support is also good as well as reasonably priced. The technicians are just magicians. The services are worth trying.

Jim Button
24 Dec, 2012

Hey, I was not aware of iYogi’s onsite support… Checked their site and I’m so happy that they provide support in my area as well… Finally got an answer to all my hardware problems… I have tested iYogi’s remote support and I’m very satisfied with all my support sessions. I hope their onsite support is equally good…

Troy Novak
18 Dec, 2012

Iyogi’s on-site support takes care of hardware issues as well. A technician visits your home and checks the problem. The technicians are extremely proficient in handling all tech related problems. For all those looking for hardware support, you can try iYogi on-site support once…