Customer Crib and Complaints

To err is human. More than often, the problem at hand with your PC could be a simple one. Although ISP-related Complaints are most common; a loose plug-in or an entangled cord, a wrong command, choosing the wrong settings or installation process can also trigger complications with your PC. In this section, iYogi provides comprises the simple, basic things you need to check before you crib.

iYogi recommendations on things to check before making ISP-related complaints

Most computers are connected over the Internet. The Internet can be best described as a connectivity technology with which computer users around the world can share and access information with each other. Computer users with Internet connectivity will be familiar with the term ISP… more

Things to check before making printer complaints

At its simplest, the printer is a tool connected to a computer through which users can get printouts of documents, files, photographs, etc. For small business owners, printers can be absolutely crucial as their work productivity depends upon a well functioning printer. Printers are… more