Backup Utility

Get to know more about backup utility.

Backup utility is an application program that does a complete duplicate of data, files, databases and application programs from the system hard disk to a backup storage media at a continuous increasing interval at specified time periods. This makes it easy for the user to backup not only the user data but also system data at scheduled times automatically. This provides the advantage of the user duplicating everything from the source disk to the backup disk. It can also be used as a recovery disk for the system in case of an emergency necessitated by a disaster.

The role and need of backup utility software and benefits of backup utility in Windows® XP PC are discussed over here.

  • Role of backup utilities

  • Benefits of backup utility in Windows® XP

  • Need for backup utilities

Role of backup utilities

The effectiveness of these utility programs has made them a considerable choice for making system backups. The program functions in compressing and splitting data into separate units allowing for storage in removable media i.e. DVD, CDs, floppies and flash drives. Compression allows for less memory capacity to be used hence saving on the cost of using more storage media. It enables data to be backed remotely to offshore data centers using the internet making it easy for institutions such as financial sectors i.e. stock exchange, forex exchange and banks to use reputable data centers to store their data from the local location without physically moving the backups.

Rather than backing the entire disk at each scheduled interval, it only makes duplicates to the files and data that have been amended. This provides the advantage of speeding the backup process and speed.

Benefits of backup utility in Windows® XP

The benefit offered by this robust tool for Windows® XP includes automatic backing up of files, folders and the entire drive. Large amounts of data can easily be transferred with the minimal effort from the user. In addition it offers the user the advantage to only duplicating files that have been amended rather than the disk’s entirety. In the event of a disaster, the user has all the disk content even for files that he may have not thought was important to back up. In system sense, when there has been a re-formatting of the disk and the device drivers are missing, the backed data can be used as a recovery disk to restore the system to its manufacturer’s default settings.

Need for backup utilities

Nobody really ever foresees a disaster coming when using the desktop or laptop. The application provides one with a safe house for protecting that valuable data. When using the internet tones of data is downloaded from MP3s, digital photos shared among friends and family, business data files and system files. The application can do a full or complete duplicate of all the information held in the user’s hard disk and restored to the original point in case of a disaster.

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