Learn about data backup and storage

Learn about various aspects of data backup and storage and the advantages associated with it. What are the remote backup services available over the web?

The data backup and storage lets you backup you data and store it in a secure place. In case you lose your important data or files, you could use the data backup to regain your lost data. The remote data backup service is also called as online data backup or managed backup service. This service provides users with a system for backing up and storing computer files. The online backup providers are companies who provide this type of service according to your need or requirements. The online backup systems are typically built around a client software program that runs on a schedule, typically once a day, and usually at night while computers aren’t in use. This program should collect, compresses, encrypt, and transfer the data to the remote backup service provider's servers or off-site hardware.

The advantages of data backup and storage and the different remote backup services available over the web are discussed below:

  • Advantages of data backup and storage

  • Remote backup services

  • Advantages of remote data backup

Advantages of data backup and storage

The main advantage of data backup and storage is that it helps you keep your data safe and secure and make use of the stored data, in case if you lose it. Chances are there that you might get you data deleted accidently or via other means. In such cases, the data backup and storage lets you regain your lost data.

Remote backup services

The remote backup services mainly refer to data backup which is done online over the Internet. There are several data backup services available over the web that lets you create very safe and secure data backup online. Some of the remote backup services over the web are: Symantec Backup solutions, Norton Online Backup, SugarSync, IBackup, IDrive, SOS Online Backup.

Advantages of remote data backup

Remote backup does not require user intervention, you don’t need to change tapes, label CDs or perform other manual steps, unlimited data retention, and backups are automatic. Most remote backup services will maintain a list of versions of your files, Encrypts and compresses on-site before sending off-site via HTTP, use of advanced 128 - 448 bit encryption to send data over unsecured links.

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