Details about different data backup devices

What are data storage devices? What are they used for?

When we discuss a storage devices, there are many types and different kinds of storage devices are available. You can classify them under various types. The system itself provides two basic types of storage types. Volatile and the non-volatile are the two categories provided by the system. The memory is volatile in case that when the power is switched off, the data in the memory gets removed and the data is stored in the primary memory only until the power is on. This is a type of volatile memory. RAM is the best example of volatile memory. A non-volatile memory can be categorized as magnetic media, optical storage media and flash memory. Even if the power goes off, the data in these types of storage devices are not removed or lost.

Here are some of the data storage devices and their various features and advantages:

  • USB drive

  • Floppy disc

  • DVD

USB drive

USB drive is the most important storage device available today. This is a small device which can be connected directly to the system. You can connect this device to the system through connectors and ports. They store data files on a flash memory. You can see these storage devices in various colors and patterns. The capacity of these devices is the main factor which categorizes each of these devices. With a USB drive, you will instantly know its status as and when you connect it to the system.

Floppy disc

This is another common storage device most commonly used. Because of its small capacity, these are only used for storing text documents. Even high capacity floppy discs are available. You may not see them all over the market as they are obsolete. You need a floppy drive to read data from these storage devices. These are present in personal computers.


DVD also works as the one of the storage devices available today. DVD is an abbreviation of Digital Video Disc. This is one of the most common storage devices for professionals. They are capable of storing a large number of movies with excellent visual as well as sound quality.

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