Different Methods To Back Up Data

Suggest different methods to back up data.

There are different data backup methods available such as full backup, differential backup, incremental backup, and minor backup. You need to consider three factors before choosing a backup method. These include the capacity of the backup media, the period of time available for your backup, and the level of urgency. The process of conducting full backup needs a high number of media and long period of time. You could choose the method of backup depending on the scale of the data. You should decide what to back up before choosing a medium. You need to create backup of your bank records and financial information. It is good to create backup of working documents, spreadsheets, power points etc. You might also create backup of picture or digital photos. In the full backup method, you could create backup of all files. In incremental backup, you create back up of files which have changed during the last backup. The differential backup creates backup of data which changes since the last full backup.

Following are the different methods of backup and its advantages:

  • Full backup

  • Incremental backup

  • Differential backup

Full backup

In full backup, you could create the backup of the entire system and all the files. All backup methods are based on this backup since it is the basic backup method. Data is copied in each backup session - the files such as all data base, file system, catalog on HDD. The full backup method is comprehensive and self-contained. Thus, it might be ideal to make full backup all the time. Creating the backup of data using the full back up method might take a lot of time. It has the fastest restoring.

Incremental backup

Incremental backup is done more often than full backup. Incremental backup method is based on the sequential partial backup copy refreshing. This method is much faster and in this method of backup, only files which are changed during the last full, incremental, or differential back up are included i.e This method backs up data that are modified in the last session of backup. The method of incremental backup is faster and its storage space requirement is very low.

Differential backup

There is only little difference between incremental and full backup. The differential backup creates the backup of data that are changed in terms of their content, attribute, or access permission rights during the last session of backup. It backs up the data that are changed during the last full backup. It has faster restoring capability and it requires only little storage space.

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