Data Backup on DVD

Are you aware of the advantages of taking data backup on DVD in your computer and need some tips?

Nowadays, most of the systems have CD/DVD drive with built-in capability to access data and writing data on optical discs. A practical and convenient way to backup your hard drive to a DVD is provided by an in-built DVD burner in your system. The DVD can hold a data of up to 4.7 GB. You can store data in the DVD in compressed form which allows you to store more data on a single DVD. You can store more data in the DVD in the compressed form. If the hard disk contains data more than the capacity of the DVD, then you may use two DVDs for the backup purposes. The backup of data on DVD helps to protect your files and important information if your system crashes or hard drive failure occurs. If your hard drive gets crashed or damaged, then you can easily restore the data from the DVD back to your computer.

Following points may give users an idea about the advantages of creating data backup on DVD and tips to do so:

  • Advantages of data backup on DVD

  • Steps to create backup

  • Things to remember

Advantages of data backup on DVD

In DVD, you can backup more data than in a CD because it contains more storage space. The DVD is portable and you can take the DVD with you anywhere and create backup at any time. You can erase the previously stored data in the DVD before creating backup if you are using a rewritable DVD. The DVD is reliable, transportable and has large capacity which make it a perfect media for creating backup on your computer.

Steps to create backup

For creating data backup firstly, you need to insert blank DVD disc in the optical drive. Then you need to select the items that you need to backup in your computer. Then, open the DVD creation software. Click on the 'Create' button after specifying the types of files to backup. Then 'Click' on the 'Burn' button to initiate the process.

Things to remember

You need to check before the data backup process that your computer is free from all types of viruses and malware. You need to make sure that the DVD you are using for creating backup is free from scratches. It is not advised to use rewritable DVDs to create data backup. The process of writing compressed data to the DVD may save more space in the DVD and also reduce the overall size of your backup and eventually reduce the total number of DVDs required for data backup.

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