Data Backup Recovery

The different types of data backup and the objectives of data recovery.

The main aim of backing up data is to be able to recover the data at a later date. Whatever method is used to backup the data and its storage it has to allow the user to recover the data in its original state with ease. A well organized data storage option is the best in this regard. One thing to keep in mind is that different repository methods have different advantages and by examining these you will be able to choose one that is suitable for you. An unstructured repository method such as a collection of floppy disks can be easy to implement even though it could be challenging when it comes to the recovery of backup data. A full backup and incremental backups after that of the source data is another method. Differential backups make copies of any changes since the last incremental backup. Reverse delta refers to a system of backups which stores the differences between the current version of a system and a previous version. Other methods of storage consist of full backups and periodic backups.

Storage media also plays a part in the recovery of data. Magnetic tapes, hard disks, optical disks, floppy disks, flash devices and remote backup services are used as data storage media. Each of these methods have different capabilities when it comes to data recovery and the best option for your PC should be chosen so that it is convenient to restore data at any given point in time.

The main objectives of data backup recovery are:

  • Data recovery point

  • Data recovery time

  • Data security

Data recovery point

The data recovery point refers to the point in time that the recovered data will reflect. In fact, it will take you back to the time the data was backed up originally. It is ideal if the recovery point is sometime just prior to the loss of data. If you want to source a more recent point of recovery you will need to increase the frequency of synchronization between the backup repository and the source data.

Data recovery time

This refers to the amount of time that has elapsed between the data loss event and the restoration of the normal functions.

Data security

Security of the data that is backed up or recovered is vital as it should not be handled by unauthorized users. The owner’s rights should not be compromised in any way during the time of backing up or recovery and this can be achieved with encryption of data combined with proper handling of media policies.

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