Details of data backup security

What is data backup security? Why is it important for your system?

Data backup is always an essential element for good data storage security of your system data. But, these are usually known resources for security measures. A considerable percentage of security breaches can be attributed to the mismanagement as well as the mishandling of data backup. You are always advised to keep your sensitive data safe by maintaining the data with some security concerns. Data backup security means assigning personal encryption keys to the data backup. Without the key, no one can access your data. It is possible to face some issues with the data backup and you need to take some steps like encrypting data and locking the system to keep the data safe from external users.

Here are some potential issues with data backup and steps to fix these issues:

  • Potential issues

  • Encrypt the data

  • Make use of lock containers

Potential issues

Data backup can face some potential issues. It is possible that the storage media in the possession of the delivery driver might get lost. This can usually occur as a result of human errors. It is possible that the storage media might get lost or get stolen by someone. The centralized data storage facility might get compromised due to inadequate physical security. The data may no longer available for use in the events of system restoration or due to external interference like water or fire.

Encrypt the data

The easiest possible method to ensure data security after backup is to encrypt the contents of all data before writing it to mobile media like CDs and DVDs. There are some commercial data backup systems which provide encryption features. Backup scripts can be used to perform encryption on a backup server with well known cryptographic applications. These applications include PGP/GPG as well as the OpenSSL libraries and RSA BSAFE. If you want to encrypt a large volume of data, then you can make use of cryptographic hardware to reduce encryption time. It is possible to use keys for complete protection of data backup.
Make use of lock containers

It is a good idea to lock containers which are used for transporting your backup data. A valid point is that it is not easy for a portable container to withstand a serious effort to access the data within. The lock will possibly discourage casual examination. It prevents other users from accidentally loading your system data onto their system if the data was incorrectly delivered.
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