Data Backup Solutions

What are the various types of data backup solutions?

There is an array of data backup software programs offering a wide choice for the computer user of today. These are geared to the different requirements of home users, people working from home, small businesses and corporate clients. The three basic types of backup solutions are full backup, incremental backup and differential backup. The main function of a data backup solution is to keep the necessary data in storage until it is required again. The data is selected, extracted and fashioned before storage to optimize the backup procedure. The files that are dealt with can be open files or live data sources while others may be compressed, encrypted or de-duplicated. Backup schemes often have limitations and can be impacted by human factors.

There are many different types of backup tools that can be used. Some tools have a one-click system backup capability and is the most convenient to use since a full system backup is done with the click of a button. Files-in-use backup is another solution and this is ideal for users who have different data that needs a backup change throughout the day. In fact, this tool will perform several data backups during the time the computer is active. This tool with its capability to backup files in use is a perfect solution for those engaged in working from home and offices that have projects that keep evolving. A complete system backup is the other solution which is also known as a Hard Drive Image or a Drive Image. It saves a copy of the entire system in your computer including the operating system and the entire hard drive. This also includes the registry, software applications, and drivers along with data files.

The three basic backup solutions are as follows:

  • Full backup

  • Incremental backup

  • Differential backup

Full backup

Full backups are very convenient and are the best for computer novices. These can be initiated on a weekly basis and will ensure that your files and other data are safeguarded. It allows the user to copy all the data files in the computer in one go.

Incremental backup

In this solution only the files that have changed since your last backup will be copied. This is performed regardless of whether the last backup was a full one or an incremental one. Incremental backups generally take less space and are quicker even though the restoration may take longer.

Differential backup

Differential backup solution makes a backup of only those files that have changed since the last full backup. These backups take longer to perform as well as using more storage space. One salient feature of this backup is that it takes a shorter time to restore than other solutions.

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