Data Backup Storage

Tips for backing up and storing data for future use.

Data backup is the only way out when we face data loss due to a disaster situation, accidentally deleting files or corrupted files. Data backup provides the user with the option of regularly backing up files so that they can be restored or recovered when required. Of course, to facilitate this data backup and the data storage tools have to be used. In computing there are a range of data storage devices as well as data storage media. The data backup is done after the relevant files are selected, extracted and if necessary, manipulated so that the backup procedure is optimized. It is best to style your data repository so that it is geared to your requirements.

The storage repository can be unstructured resembling just a stack of CDs or DVDs. This is easy to do although recovering data files is rather disorganized. Full backups and incremental backup files are easier when it comes to restoring data. Full backup provides the user with point in time that he can go back to for a full restoration of all files while incremental allow the user to backup a relatively small amount of data which signifies the changes in the data. Differential backups are used to make copies of any files that have been changed or created anew since the last incremental backup. A user can store the current version of a system and then compare it to previous version of the same data. This is called Reverse delta and is highly convenient as it compares the initial full backup of the system with that of the live copy. Continuous backups are also an ideal way to protect your PC. This is because it has continuous data protection with scheduled periodic backups. A full system backup ensures that all but the hardware are copied for future reference. Choosing the best data storage media is important.

Here are some of the data storage options available to the users:

  • Hard disks

  • Magnetic tapes

  • Floppy disks

  • Optical discs

  • Flash drives

  • Remote backup service

Hard disks

Hard disk storage offers users a competitive bulk storage option that has a low access time, higher capacity, availability that is combined with ease of use. This option is ideal for bulk storage as it can reduce the amount of disk storage space required by daily and weekly data backups.

Magnetic tapes

Magnetic tape is the more popular method of bulk storage when it comes to data backups and archiving. The magnetic tape has to be compatible with your PC hardware. New tape drives can be fast and easy to use.

Floppy disks

Floppy disks are another storage medium that has been in use for some time. These are not that reliable as the capacity is low. It is almost an obsolete choice when compared with other storage media.

Optical discs

A recordable CD or DVD is an ideal choice for storage media. This is because of its versatility when it comes to being restored. All you need is a machine with a CD-ROM. It is also economical to use while giving the user a higher storage capacity. The only concern with this option is that the physical lifetime of the disk is questionable as they are prone to degradation over time.

Flash drives

Flash drives are also commonly used as a low-cost option for data storage. This option also offers excellent portability and comes in different forms.

Remote backup service

This refers to the option of backing up data via the Internet to a remote location. This is an ideal way to safeguard your data from physical or natural disasters such as fires, floods, or earthquakes. There are concerns over the handing over of data to a third party and the speed of the service.

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