Data Backup Systems

Get to know more about data backup systems.

Computer is one of the most important things in our life. We can make different types of computation work through it. We can keep our various data and records in it. But what we can do if the computer faces any problem or the data has been removed by any reason? So, the data should be kept somewhere outside of computer. So, we can access those data whenever needed, even if the computer doesn’t work. There are various types of virus who can affect the computer. Viruses may remove data or files from a computer any time. Some viruses cannot be removed by any antivirus. The only way to remove them is formatting the computer. All data will be lost if we format the computer. So the data cannot be gotten back if we do not keep any backup. So backup is necessary every time.

Tips to use different types of data backup system are discussed in the following points:

  • Magnetic tapes

  • Hard disks and optical discs

  • Remote backup services

Magnetic tapes

Magnetic tape has been used for a long time to keep backup of data. This is commonly used for data storage, back up, archiving and interchange. Tape is used for its better storage capacity and low price. But now-a-day the rates of hard disc and magnetic tape have become almost same. The access rate of magnetic tape might be poor but the reading and writing rates of it is fast. Its characteristics are understood very well, so it has been used over decades.

Hard disks and optical discs

The capacity of hard discs has also become very huge now a day. The price of it also decreased accordingly. This is making a competition with magnetic storage as a bulk storage medium. The main advantage of the magnetic disc is the access time, which is very low. The reading and writing data is also very fast. The external hard disc can be connected to a computer through USB ports, SCSI or e-SATA. Sometime it can be connected via longer distance technologies like Ethernet, iSCSI or Fibre channel. The main disadvantage of external hard discs is that they are easily damaged, especially when transported. Another simple way to back up data is optical discs like CD and DVD. There is a lot of CD burning software available in the market. One can choose any of them and install in the computer. Then the files or folders which are needed to be kept, they should be burned to the CD or DVD. Then they can be used in future whenever necessary.

Remote backup services

There are various web sites available where one can register for keeping valuable data in their remote server. The storage capacity of the servers is normally huge. In future whenever the data will be needed, the data can be accessed from there. Those remote servers are very safe because Virus cannot affect them as they are properly protected.

These are some of the data backup systems, which are generally used for keeping back up of data.

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