Data Recovery & Backup

Get to know more about Windows Server as a back up and recovery tool.

Windows Server has many beneficial features. These characteristics are for one single purpose, that of being able to store data as a backup .There could be a hard drive crash, accident, or natural disaster that destroys a computer, but the data loss can be prevented by backing it up. The features and benefits of Windows Server as a data backup tool are discussed in the following points:


  • Description of Windows Server

  • Features of Windows Server

  • Benefits of backing up data using Windows Server

Description of Windows Server

There are many versions of Windows Server. However, most of them are designed with the technology to copy files to the Server as a backup. It can be conducted normally, incrementally, deferentially, and on a daily basis. When a backup is conducted normally, Windows Server copies only the files marked as backup. In the case of incremental backups, the server backs up only those files which have been changed or created after the last incremental or normal backup.

A deferential backup is similar to an incremental backup, but the files in this case are not marked. The copy feature copies all files, does not mark them as a backup, but they are the ones selected by the user to be backed up. The daily technique copies all files which have been marked for that day.

Features of Windows Server

Windows Server backs up files by utilizing the techniques mentioned in the preceding section of this article. For this procedure to be possible, there are distinct features programmed into Windows Server for the process to be applied. One such feature is the Backup Wizard. Without the Backup Wizard, no backup can be performed. It is very simple to navigate and is also inexpensive. Often, it is built-in and the Windows Server is able to both store and restore data when needed.
Benefits of backing up data using Windows Server

Windows Server back ups are as important as hard drive backups for saving files, e-mails, and documents. The wizard feature is very useful in times of crises. A great benefit is the technology it provides. Also, options and categories by which the backups can be performed are provided.

There is a sequence by which the users can manage how the Windows Server backup progresses. When storing files for the first time, Windows does it normally. Immediately after that an incremental backup is conducted, files are copied and stored in batches, depending on how they occurred after the normal backup.

Thereafter, the sequence continues with differential backup, which conducts a similar operation to incremental backup, but the files copied are not marked as a backup. The final two stages are optional for single copying and for storing on a daily basis. These are the benefits that the Windows Server backups provide to all computer users.
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