Types of data recovery software available for Windows®

Why do you need data recovery software for Windows operating systems?

Microsoft Windows series has introduced a wide range of operating systems for users. These operating systems include Windows 98 to the latest Windows 7. It is possible that the data used in your system gets lost due to a number of reasons. These reasons include human errors, which mean the human interaction that causes data loss in your system. Other issues include formatted or reformatted drives as well as hard disk drive crashes which leads to data loss in your system. Infections in your system might damage these data. Power failures in between the system performing a task might result in data loss as well. Here is a list of possible software which can be used for data recovery in Windows operating systems. You can choose the best one according to your needs.

Here are some notes on different data recovery software available for Windows operating systems:

  • DDR Professional

  • VirtualLab

  • Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

DDR Professional

DDR Professional is good data recovery software available for your system with speedy data recovery methods. The software provides you with quick recovery of lost as well deleted files from different components of the system hard disk drive, USB drive and memory card. It is included with powerful utilities which can easily recover deleted files from different storage media of the system. The software is made so simply that both home and office users of the system can make use of it. Apart from other data recovery software for Windows, it provides you with maximum safe recovery of data without any corruption in the recovered files.


VirtualLab is data recovery software which can be used for performing data recovery in your system with Windows installed. The software can be used for recovering data in your system regardless of the reason which leads to data loss. It can recover both infected as well as damaged files as well as partitions on your system. The software used daily by many professional users due to its easy to use methods. It can be used with any operating system of Microsoft.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is data recovery software for your system. It is usually referred to as Windows Data Recovery software as it is the best companion for your Windows operating system. The software can be used to recover lost, deleted and formatted data on your system. It can recover data from NTFS, FAT and even exFAT files system based computers. It can also be used to recover lost as well as deleted MS Office documents and image files from your system without any damages to these files. The software is included with a bootable CD to support the system if your system is non-bootable.

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