Data Recovery

What is data recovery? What are needs and benefits of data recovery?

Data recovery is a process of recovering data from the hard disk of a computer or any secondary storage media like CDs, DVDs and memory cards, etc. When all devices fail and are suddenly damaged, corrupted or unable to access data stored in this electronic medium, the data recovery tools are used to retrieve data. Data recovery tools help to recover data in any electronic media or any operating system like Windows® XP, Windows Vista® and Linux®, etc. Electronic media is a type of media that is used as electromechanical energy for end users to access their contents.

The need, benefits and features of most common and popular data recovery tools are discussed in the following points.

  • Benefits of data backup

  • Recovering tools for data backup

  • Why data storage is important?

Benefits of data backup

Nowadays, almost everyone is using computers all over the world. They are having enough knowledge of using computers and other related electronic media. In any business or organizations, they are using computers for their work. In BPOs and IT sectors, they are using computers for their work and handling more data for their clients. Whenever the client asks for their data, they need to send data immediately without any interruption. In this case, Data backup is a must for all companies. In companies, the management is having a separate department for data backup. It is also termed as Server Room. They are appointed as skilled people accordingly for this work.

Recovering tools for data backup

Sometimes, computer starts up and shows a desktop, but when they try to open any important file in the system, it will not open, or it shows as corrupted and suddenly an error message pops up on the screen. Then that important file becomes useless. When this happens, they need data recovery tools to recover such data.

The computer has to boot up or starts up first, then only it is possible for file backup. Some data recovery tools have the ability to recover hard disk partition like C drive or D drive and the files will be stored in these storage spaces accordingly by the user. Regular use as with regular file backup, the recovery tool needs data backup. To recover data from a hard disk in the partition like C drive or D drive, commercial data recovery packages such as Drive Clone and Ghost can backup partition drives or hard disk data will recreate it, and it will repair the failed hard disk, or it will help to write it in another hard disk or in another computer. This software helps to recover data from CDs also.

Why data storage is important?

Data storage is essential for every project and so that is to be maintained separately. Sometimes employees store data for their personal advantage in their own systems. However, mostly data is stored in the server for further use. Alternatively, all computers are connected to a network and one server for the project. They can also access data from that server itself. When the project data is corrupted or deleted accidentally then the concerned people are responsible for everything. They can easily identify the login and their names, if any other employee or an outsider wants to corrupt the data.

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