Disk to Disk Data Backup

Do you know what is network data backup, and what are its need and benefits?

Computer is a very important thing in today’s life. We can solve various types of problem in it. We can store all our valuable information, various songs and movies, word files, etc. in the computer. But sometime different problems might occur in it. Viruses sometime affect it. There are a lot of antivirus software in the world. However, sometime the antivirus fails to remove the viruses from the computer. The only way is to format the computer. That means to install the operating system in it. But formatting a computer loses all the files and folders saved in it. We cannot get back those data again unless, we keep back up of the files and folders. There are some procedures to keep the make the backup and keep the data safe and reusable.

Tips to back up various files and folders in computer are discussed in the following points.

  • Data back up using CD, DVD and USB drives

  • Network backup to a local server

  • Network backup to a remote hosting server

Data back up using CD, DVD and USB drives

There are many simple ways to keep the data of computer safely. There are lots of storage devices one can choose from. The simple storage devices are CD, DVD and USB Hard drives. Any type of files like movies, videos, songs, pictures, word files can be stored in it. The process is also very simple. There is huge no of Disc burning software is available in the market. Just select one of those and install in a computer. Then using the software, we can burn unlimited CD and DVD and use them. The backup procedures in case of USB drives are much easier than of CD and DVD. The USB drives are just needed to be inserted into the computer through USB port. After that the drive will be shown in the Monitor as removable disc in it. The files which are to be kept needed to be simply copied and then paste to the folders in the drive.

Network backup to a local server

Sometimes burning a lot of discs might be a problem, and it is also a time taking procedure. So the simple procedure is setting up a backup server in the home network. There might be several computers attached in a network. A backup server contains one or more, large hard disc drives, which is connected to all the computers in the network. This server has network access to receive files from other computers in the home network. There are several companies who manufacture the Network Back Up server.

Network backup to a remote hosting server

There are several web sites, which provide the Remote data backup services. This procedure is also very simple instead of the previous procedures. In this procedure, the data has to be kept in the remote server of the website instead of the home network server and can get them back when needed.

These are the common data backup systems, which are used in this world to back up files and folders.

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