Data Recovery Software to Recover Lost E-mails

What is the role played by data recovery software in recovering your lost e-mails?

Now a days, e-mail plays an important role in businesses as well as our personal lives. By just a click, important message can be delivered to the desired e-mail ID irrespective of the place. But at times, you might experience some difficulty regarding e-mail. For example some important e-mails which you might have preserved might have been lost over time. However such issues can be overcome easily by making use of aata recovery software, as this software, helps you by easily recover the lost e-mails. It shall securely scans for and brings back the deleted or lost e-mail messages to life.

The following are some of the role played by Data Recovery software in recovering your lost e-mail messages:

  • Recovery of PST files

  • Repair dbx files

  • Repairing the corrupted EDB files

Recovery of PST files

PST files are extensions of primary file used in Outlook. These files are used to archive and store data such as contacts, calendars, emails, appointments, journals, etc. Normally, these .PST files as used as Personal Folders files. .PST files are big encrypted non-text files which store all contacts, mailboxes, schedules and other data in Microsoft Outlook. Most of the need to recover lost emails due to deletion in Outlook mail client is due to accidental deletion. As a result of it, great percentage of .PST files gets corrupted because of conflicting programs. Even upgradation of Microsoft Outlook versions could lead to this issue. Some of the Antivirus programs shall damage PST files. However, such lost PST files, could be easily recovered with the help of Data recovery software.

Repair dbx files

E-mail archives for Outlook Express are usually stored as .dbx files. These file hold volumes of sensitive and personal data like important emails which contains credit card records and other personal information. The loss of such e-mails, will definitely be more than a small issue. But loss of .dbx files could happen very frequently. Single byte change or large changes made in a .dbx file might affect the file and might leave it completely unusable for Outlook Express. But Data recovery software helps to fix this issue by effectively repairing it.

Repairing the corrupted EDB files of Microsoft Exchange

The data recovery software used in your system can fix the EDB corruption by repairing the EDB file. It can also help to restore number of items lying in your inbox like, contacts, appointments, emails, etc. It allows you to choose the items to be recovered from the inbox. You could also have a preview of the mailboxes with the help of this software.

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