Process of recovering Microsoft® Excel data

How can you recover Microsoft Excel data?

Microsoft Excel files need to be recovered if lost due to corrupt files or any damage to the file. Some symptoms are the inability to read Microsoft Excel files, files which are not in proper format or Microsoft Excel files that are not responding. Sometimes closing files and opening them again the file may solve several problems. You can also try restarting the system and re-open the file or deleting the temp directory may also have a positive effect. Also make sure that your system is virus free by scanning and removing malware and viruses. If the value of your data is important you may need some technical advice from experts to recover the Microsoft Excel file.

Some recovery tools available for recovering Microsoft Excel files and different points to keep in mind while recovering them:

  • Recovery from temp files

  • Recovery using recovery software

  • Tips and guidelines

Recovery from temp files

Temp files are temporary files which are created and usually stored in a temporary directory of Windows. The name of temporary files are seen as some letters followed by 'tilde' and with extension of '.tmp' and these temporary files can be used to recover lost Microsoft Excel files. You can look for a temporary file of the Microsoft Excel file and use the drag and drop method to recover Microsoft Excel file data. A small change in data in the file causes the creation of a temporary file, but at the moment when you save the data, the temporary file may merge with the original file.

Recovery using recovery software

Recovery tools or software are available to recover Microsoft Excel files if they are corrupt and damaged. Benefits of using recovery software is that they remove several security issues by sending your private files to unknown servicing centers. Authorized software provide demo versions which can easily recover your important Microsoft Excel files and most of them are free. Microsoft provides Microsoft Excel File Recovery Macro that provides the facility to open various Microsoft Excel files. These software also support the recovery of merged cells, comments, images, charts and hyperlinks.

Tips and guidelines

You can solve many of the problems related to Microsoft Excel files by using the following tips. Copy corrupt files from a floppy disc to your hard disk or any network drive. Try to open the files in Microsoft Word by right clicking on the file and open it with WordPad and this can recover some part of the data without any format. Also opening Microsoft Excel files in Safe Mode may also have some effect. You can also make use of Microsoft Excel Detect and Repair utility.

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