Internet Data Backup

How to protect your data with Internet data backup service?

More and more PC users these days are performing the majority of their tasks online, rather than using desktop applications and clients. This is the reason that many users have begun utilizing Internet data back up or “cloud” services that allow you to store data online rather than utilizing conventional hard disks and removable media such as USB storage devices. There are more and more options available online for storing data, but it is still important to make sure you go about it the right way. All options have different benefits and disadvantages that will make your choice for storing data different from other users.

Below are a few of the most efficient options for online Internet data backup:

  • Utilizing your e-mail account to store data

  • Taking advantage of data backup service

  • How can iYogi help with Internet data backup?

Utilizing your e-mail account to store data

One viable option that will be suitable for most users is utilizing their e-mail account in order to store data. Many browser-based e-mail clients these days provide a ton of storage that will be sufficient for the average user. Uploading your data via e-mail will allow you to store your data as an e-mail in your account and many services such as Gmail™ will allow you to permanently store your data. There are certain limitations to this method although, such as a limit for upload sizes of files.

Taking advantage of data backup service

There are many third party Internet data backup services that will provide you with a certain amount of storage either free or at a cost. These services will act as virtual hard drive in the “cloud” and will let you upload your data and store on the service’s server securely. This will allow you to access your data from any Internet connected location just like e-mail but also often provides higher upload limits for those that would like to store large files.

How can iYogi help with Internet data backup?

iYogi provides comprehensive Internet data backup services through its Data Backup Support service. Data loss is something that can happen in the blink of an eye with hardware failures and human error. iYogi offers in-depth online backup services that provide the user the ability to create a backup of their files, on CD, DVD, or external hard drive. iYogi offers fast online recovery and the ability to configure custom security solutions.

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