Tape Backup

What is the benefit of tape backup?

Data are the most important part of the computer. This is because the data are the inputs and information you have stored throughout the years. Moreover, these data are also the necessary documents that you need for work, school and the like. If your computer breaks down, how sure are you that you can still retrieve all the files that are in the computer? This is where the tape backup comes.

Tape backup, its benefits and needs are discussed in the following points:

  • Learning what is tape backup

  • Benefits of tape backup

  • Problems with tape backup

Learning what is tape backup

Tape backup is having a copy of the files and documents important for you, be stored in a different location known as the tape cartridge. It backs up both hardware and software and can be done manually or automatically depending on your choice. You can make use of it using software to guide you. Whatever you choose, the main purpose of having a tape backup is to simply provide you with an extra storage device for recovery in emergency circumstances like your computer breaking down.

Benefits of tape backup

With the capacity of 10 megabytes to 10 gigabytes, tape backup can store as many files as you want given that you would need to wait for the whole process and be patient until it’s done. This is because storing files and data in tapes actually takes time. The process and improvement are slow that you have to wait.

Despite the time, you would have to wait; tape backup is still the foundation of storage and backup devices. Compared to other storage devices, tape backup is more cost effective. You wouldn’t have to spend so much simply to have your data backups. You may even recycle backup tapes if you want.

Having tape backups is like having contingency funds for your business. You will be sure that whatever happens, nothing will happen bad to your data and its inputs.

Problems with tape backup

Though having your tape backup is cost effective, it is also undeniable that you have to give an extra effort in taking care of your tapes. It’s because the tapes are sensitive. It can be easily ruined by magnetic waves and detectors. Storing the tapes in an appropriate location will do the trick. Having your own tape libraries may also be recommended for storing. You can arrange the backup files you have made in any way that you want. Moreover, you can be sure that each data in the tapes is segregated and well organized.

Though tapes are considered out of date in this fast paced technological era, these tapes are useful and can still be up in the market for use.

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