Windows® Backup

Windows® Backup in Microsoft® Windows Vista®.

Microsoft® has included, as part of Windows Vista® features, a utility program that can automatically do a complete backup of files, data, programs and system files to a selected storage location. It is an easy to use, feature with an interface that enables even users with basic knowledge in computers to backup all their information with minimal expertise assistance. This enables data to be safeguarded from software and hardware errors as well as user errors.

Tools available in the operating system are dependent on the version installed in the system i.e. Ultimate, Business, Enterprise and Home editions.

  • Backup and restore tools

  • System restores

  • Deciding what to backup?

Backup and restore tools

The two main tools that can be found in the Microsoft® operating system are Automatic backups that primarily function in providing backups for files and data only and Complete PC backup that functions in doing a total backup of all the files, data, applications and the operating system in the system. Automatic backup is a basic tool that can be found in all the editions of Windows Vista® and can perform scheduled and network backups. In addition, it includes a recovery wizard that will assist the user to select the files and folders they want restored in the event of disaster. Complete backup also known as an image-based backup is only being found in the Business, Enterprise and Ultimate editions. It enables the user to recover the entire system in case of an emergency. This provides the advantage of restoring the entire system operating surroundings i.e. the operating system, application programs and user data and settings.

System restores

This is a feature that enables the user to reinstate his or her desktop or laptop to the original state it was in before losing the entire contents of the hard disk. There are cases where the users have no idea of the device drivers and settings that the PC had when bought from the manufacturer. This can restore the system configuration settings to the previous state before the system begun to break. In addition the feature allows the user to choose from a list of identifiable restore points they think was the last best known configuration settings. However, the user needs to know that, it also allows the user to manually choose a restore point from the identifiable lists provided.

Deciding what to backup?

The backup wizard provides one with a choice to configure the backup options. There is the choice for either complete backup or backup of files. In addition it will enable the user to configure the destinations to backup the data to. There is no limit to the number of files that can be duplicated, it’s upon the user to decide on either to do automatic backup, which will enable for few selected files to be backed or complete backup that will perform the entire system backup.

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