Windows® Server® 2003 backup

Get to know about Windows® Server® 2003 backup

Windows® Server® 2003 backup is a modern version of Windows® Server®backup device. It combines the old version to make copying of backup data relatively, simpler. This article will describe what Windows® Server® 2003 back is really designed for; its features and benefits.

Features and benefits of Windows® Server® 2003 are discussed in the following points.

  • Why was Windows® Server® 2003 backup designed?

  • Features of Windows® Server® 2003

  • Benefits of using Windows® Server® 2003

Why was Windows® Server® 2003 backup designed?

Computer science technology is an evolving science and there is always room for improvement. In this sense the Windows® Server® 2003 backup came into existence. The aim was to design a software can be used to back up files and copy at the same time. This invention to an extent has achieved this by creating a mechanism which can perform two tasks at the same time.

Features of Windows® Server® backup

The feature which sets Windows® Server® 2003 backup ahead of other servers is its volume shadow copy technology. This software makes a copy of the original file volume. While this is being done the system prepares for the backup. The backup file storage now is not done from the original file volume but the shadow copy done using the new device.

At this point the technique prevents file changes to affect the backup process because the shadow is now used for any further activity on the computer. A great advantage of using this device is its ability to access files during back up. When utilizing this updated technology monitor the available disk space. Due to shadow copying the tendency is for more space to be taken up with the copied files. Deleting some of the displayed copied files could be helpful in increasing the capacity.

Another way to deal with this issue is to disable the shadow copy and an automatic freeing; clean up procedure to increase the disk volume would be performed. In the absence of available space Windows® Server® 2003 cannot function. Consequently it would defeat its purpose. It is always advisable to backup with low volume.

Benefits of using Windows® Server® backup 2003

The obvious benefits are that the user can copy shadow files while preparing to backup. It is done with the assurance that no files will be skipped. Backup file changes are not affected because they are not used after being initially copied and stored.

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