Windows® Server® backup

Get to know Windows Server Backup

This system has a very significant functionality of the Windows Server 2008. It offers complete backup solutions. Thanks to this software, it is possible to manage a full set of files and documents installed and saved on a server and create a backup copy. In case of emergency when the hard disk of a computer is partially damaged and not completely recoverable, a backup from the server can be disposed and the folders and archives saved from the PC to the server can be installed again.

Different features and benefits of Windows Server backup are discussed in the following points:

  • The main features of the Windows Server Backup

  • The benefits of the Windows Server Backup

  • The Windows Server Backup tips to use it

The main features of the Windows Server Backup

This software program can be managed from a local computer or a remote control system. This can allow an easy handling, even if you are not close to the server location. It is very flexible so the element to be included in the backup can be easily found and restored. Different settings can be set are available and also an automatic management instruction can be set. Backups are constantly updated and the administrator has no need to cancel old archives on the disk.

The benefits of the Windows Server Backup

By a snap-in, the user interface of Windows Server backup can be opened to create a backup of the starting of the system. These starting are quicker and faster than previous version, and they need less space on the disk because they use a shadow copy. Furthermore, the control bar support in the main screen command has been expanded. If the firewall is installed, the server backup can be reduced in speed. So the best thing to solve this matter is to modify the rules of the firewall, but if you work on a local computer this problem will not be present. With the command Web-admin, you will have a direct shortcut instead of the same activities processed through the snap-in system. Procedures of the backup can be also authorized by the use of scripts.

The Windows Server Backup best tips to use it

In order to use Windows Server Backup properly, you need to be aware that if you have used some previous functionality on the snap-in system some issues may happen. Some backup creation settings will not be saved when the updating from the web is done. The best way to solve this problem is to configure them again. With the Windows Server Backup, CD, DVD, optical devices or hardware can be easily used.

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