Data Backup in Windows® XP

Get to know more about data backup in Windows® XP.

Creating backups for your data should be a first hand priority if you have to be on the safer side of events. Anything can happen to your data anytime you never anticipated. Windows® XP is of great help when it comes to making data backups. You don’t really need to do it all by yourself anyway, let the Windows® XP system do it for you in about 10 minutes only.

It wouldn’t matter a lot if you are currently not using the Windows® XP services, but you are likely to need them in the future.

Here are some of the benefits of using the Windows® XP data backups, and how to go about making the data backups in Windows ®XP.

  • Organize your backup files and folders in the most compelling way

  • How to go about creating backups using the Windows® XP system?

  • The significance of Windows® XP Data Backups

Organize your backup files and folders in the most compelling way

Windows® XP has never made things this easier for its users. It organizes your backup files and folders in a pretty neat way. Your profile folders and sub folders are well stored in the Documents and Settings folder. Any of your personal data outside this folder can always be moved in here to make it easier for the Windows® XP to create for you the backups.

How to go about creating backups using the Windows® XP system?

First you have to get access to the Windows® XP Backup screen. Insert your Windows® XP OS (Operating System) Compact disk (CD) into the CD drive, and open it by double clicking. This will lead you to the Microsoft® Windows® XP Welcome Screen. Click on the ‘Perform Additional Tasks’ tab then Browse this CD. In the opened dialogue box of ‘Windows Explorer’, open the ‘Value Add’ folder, Msft, Ntbackup, Ntbackup.msi respectively to install the Backup Utility unto your computer. The Windows® XP will thereafter be able to create backups of all your data files.

The significance of Windows® XP Data Backups

Data backups are important when you happen to lose your original work and can’t seem to trace them. Data can be lost from your computer in so many ways. Some of these may be through the natural disasters i.e. your house went on flame with everything inside including your PC; or through the common accidents like your compact disk broken; hard disk crashed and can no longer work, flash disk corrupted with viruses etcetera. This is when you will realize the importance of Windows® XP data Backups.

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