Recovery of data from Microsoft® Word files

Do you know how you can recover data stored in Microsoft Word files?

The corrupted Word document might be repaired and restored using the word recovery tool. You could make your Word files back to the original state. To perform single and multiple file recovery you could seek the help of Word file recovery software. Using the Word recovery software you could search for Word files in folders and drives. The Word files in your system might get corrupted due to virus attacks, sudden system shut down, unexpected software shutdown, etc. The original Word document might not modified by the Word recovery software. The heavily damaged or corrupted files might be repaired ad restored using the Word recovery tools. The use of the word recovery software successfully recovers style of text, page formatting like margins, page size, page orientation, page break, etc. The text and basic formatting might be restored using the Word recovery software.

Following points might give users an idea about the different recovery tools available for recovering Word files:

  • SysTools Word recovery software

  • Stellar Phoenix Word Recovery v.3.1

  • Things to keep in mind

SysTools Word recovery software

SysTools Word recovery software is one of the best word recovery software available. The corrupted or damaged files might be restored and repaired using this word recovery software. You could recover the Word files showing some errors such as documents fail to open and you might get prompt like "The document name or path is not valid." The corruption of the files due to sudden shut sown of the system might be easily recovered using the SysTools Word recovery software. The Word file with tables, bulleted lists, embedded images, charts etc. might be recovered using this software.

Stellar Phoenix Word Recovery v.3.1

The Stellar Phoenix Word Recovery v.3.1 software helps the users to recover document text, embedded images, drawings, charts and other objects. The software also recovers headers, footers, footnotes, sub-headers in the Word document. The multiple files might be searched and repaired by the Stellar Phoenix Word recovery software. This software is simple to operate and no special technical skill is required for operating it.

Things to keep in mind

The simplest way of recovering corrupted or deleted Word files is to restore it from the 'recycle bin.' You might recover the file which is deleted by clicking on the recover option by right clicking on it. You need to make sure that you are not using the 'shift + delete' option as it deletes the file permanently. You need to use Word recovery software if you could not find Word files in the 'Recycle bin.'

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