Drivers for Acer® Emachines EL1200

What are the important device drivers in the Acer Emachines EL1200 and their roles in the system?

Acer Emachines EL1200 system is one of the systems with advanced flexibility. This system is powered with the AMD processor. The memory capacities for RAM and the hard disk are 2GB and 320GB respectively. Windows Vista Home Premium is the Operating System specification in this system. The device driver in this system plays an important role for the proper communication between the Operating System and the hardware devices. Windows cannot communicate with the connected hardware without a device driver. Driver programs are Operating system specific which means you can use the same device or different Operating systems but the driver program for the devices would be different for Windows XP and Windows Vista. Most hardware devices are shipped with driver CDs that contain drivers for commonly used Operating Systems. Device Driver can be updated after they are installed. Windows detects and installs the compatible driver program automatically. If Windows failS to install a driver, you could insert the driver CDs or download and install them in the computer easily. You can go to the device manager to check what all device drivers are installed.

Following are some of the important drivers in the Acer emachines EL1200 and their importance:

  • Network driver

  • Display driver

  • Camera driver

Network driver

In each of the system, the proper communication in the network is made possible by the network controller in the system. So, the network driver in this system must be able to support the network controller installed in the system. Network driver makes the network controller work; it binds the network services and protocols with the network controller and helps the Operating System to communicate with the network controller. This way your computer could be a part of an office or a home network. You could share files, Internet connection, printers etc on the network.

Display driver

Display driver are the drivers which provide support for the display devices in the system. That means you could view better display in the system if the display driver installed in the system provide proper support for these display devices. Windows is loaded with minimum screen resolution if the display driver is not installed. Many graphical applications, games, screen savers, and video players would not work without a display driver.

Camera drivers

There are various cameras available in the market. Some are webcams and some are digital camera. You could walk around and take snaps and record videos using digital cameras and then connect them to the USB port and copy the pictures and videos to the computer once the Windows compatible driver program is installed in the computer. Webcams are used in the Internet for chatting and video conferencing. To make this feature available, you need to install the Webcam drivers.

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