Feature of eMachines® El1600-01 Desktop

Product Review Summary

Machines El1600-01 is an efficient desktop produced by eMachine. Its important part is high speed processor. It is a small form factor personal computer. It uses DDR2 SDRAM memory technology for its high performance. It includes hard disk for data storage. It also provides you high quality DVD/CD burner for storing your data into optical storage devices.


You can use Machines El1600-01 as your personal computer. It provides the user with high performance for all your basic works as well as some additional works. You can do tasks such as browsing, emailing and word processing efficiently with this system. Its processor is Intel Atom 230. This will give you high performance. It also includes Intel 945GC Express chipset for better processing.

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Machines El1600-01 will provide you extremely efficient platform for your basic functios.It is better choice for all who needs a low cost machine with maximum performance. Its processor gives you 1.6 GHz speed. It provides you Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition as your Operating System. It will provide you energy efficient performance and expansion possibilities. Its design is stylish and simple. It includes PS/2 optical mouse and keyboard as its output device. It includes modem and it can transfer data up to 56 Kbpb speed. It uses ITU V.92 as its protocol suite. It includes integrated network adapter for networking. It uses Ethernet and Fast Ethernet as its data link protocol. It will give you 1 year parts and labor warranty for your convenient usage. It will also gives you toll free technical support.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – High Speed Processing

    Machines El1600-01 will provide you high performance for you basic works. It includes Intel Atom Processor 230 processor for better performance. It contains 512 KB L2 cache for extra performance. It provides you 533.0 MHz data bus speed. It includes 1 GB of RAM and it uses DDR2 SDRAM technology for high speed. Also it includes DIMM 240 pins. So you can perform your actions quickly with this system.

  • FOUR – Storage Capacity

    Machines El1600-01 will give you high storage capacity. It includes SATA type hard drive for maximum storage. It has storage size up to 1600 GB. So you can store most of your data in this system. You can save audio as well as video data efficiently with this system. Its hard drive is standard. It will support optical medium such as CD and DVD. You will get read speed 48 on CD and 18 on DVD. You will get write speed 32 on CD and 12 DVD. It uses Label flash technology for disc labeling.

  • THREE – Software Support

    It will give you Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition as its Operating System. It provides you Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student Edition as your productivity suite. It provides you Norton Internet Security for security of your system. You can easily upgrade your system for extra performance. It also provides you software including Google Desktop, Microsoft Works, Cyber Link Label Print, Google Toolbar, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player and eMachines Recovery Center.

  • TWO – Easy Accessible Ports

    It has easy accessible ports for connecting external device with your computer. It provides you 8 USB ports in that 4 ports are front ports and other 4 are rear ports. It includes 2 PS/2 ports for keyboard and mouse connectivity. It provides you 1 VGA port and 2 head phone ports. It also provides you microphone ports also. Other available ports in this system are RJ-45, Ethernet, parallel and serial ports for modem, etc.

  • ONE –  Video Processor

    It includes integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 for managing video data. That helps you to perform graphic applications and games. It is also useful for playing vibrant video. It includes embedded high-definition audio for better audio performance. Its DVD/CD burner provides you saving video as well as audio data. It will give you convenient platform for media handling including audio and video.

You can use Machines El1600-01 system for all your basic tasks. It will give you convenient working. It is made as low cost machine with maximum capability. You will get maximum storage as well as entertainment with this system.