Benefits and Features of eMachines® EL1850-01e Desktop

Product Review Summary

The name eMachines are given to those desktop computers having low cost and suitable for basic computing functionalities. The EL 1850-01e is a Desktop series computer with Intel Celeron processor. The new machine is featured with high graphics support and also space saving features. The 500 GB hard drive in the desktop offers plenty of storage capacity for all files. The machine is also preloaded with the Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit), and also provides enhanced multimedia experience. The seven USB ports and multi-in-one card readers are the additional features of this desktop computer.


eMachines® EL1850-01e Desktop is one among the best desktops used for the basic computing functionalities such as browsing, working with the Office tools etc.. The machine is equipped with Windows 7 and other supporting softwares. Moreover if you have high end multimedia requirements, then the graphics media accelerator of this desktop offers enhanced performance.

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The EL 1850-01e machine includes multi-format optical drive which is used to read or write both CDs and DVDs. The seven USB ports help in connecting digital devices to the system. It does not possess a built-in wireless card like other normal desktop computers. So the Internet connection is enabled via 10/100/1000Base Ethernet connection. The machine also offers high quality images and videos because of the presence of Intel Graphics Media Accelerator. But the processor does not support video games and movies to play faster since it lacks a graphics card. Other features possessed by the machine include- 500 GB hard disk, 5.1-channel audio support, 2GB of DDR2 memory etc. The other models of e-machines with high cost are available with more memory and disk space, fast processors etc.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – ProcessorThe EL 1850-01e machines have Intel Celeron Processor 450 with 2.2GHz speed, 800MHz bus, and 512K L2 cache. The processor is best suited for basic computing needs. The various tasks like browsing, e-mail, Office tools, viewing photos etc are supported by the processor. Multiple programs could not run at the same time since the processor speed is limited. Also the processor stops the user from doing advanced applications.
  • FOUR – Memory SpecificationsThe hard disk is featured by a standard 500GB SATA disk with 7200rpm which provides plenty of storage area for the user’s data. 2GB DDR3 memory is expandable to 4GB can be used for multitasking. The machine supports more disk space and thus capable of accommodate as many data as possible to its 500 GB SATA disk. The machine does not support multi tasking. But it can run more programs at a time by expanding the memory.
  • THREE – Graphics performanceNo discrete graphics card or chip is present. But the presence of Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X4500HD offers better visual experience. The user can view the photos and videos with better quality. But the processor stops the speed of the videos and the games. So the machine is not recommended for gaming purposes. The integrated NVIDIA graphics also add more high quality to video tasks.
  • TWO – Software packagesThe software packages include Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 trial version, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Microsoft works, eMachines Recovery Management, Google toolbar, Norton Internet Security 2009 trial version etc. The pre-installed 64-bit Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium offers a good and stable framework for the word processing. Also most of the picture viewer softwares are compatible with the machine.
  • ONE –  Multi-format DVD/CD driveThe optical drive offers double layer support, as the disk provides a capacity of recording size up to 8.5 GB of data. The DVD (+ and -) R DL media is compatible with the machine and records media up to a time limit of over 4 hours. It also supports DVD-RAM and Intel Graphics Media Accelerator. Thus the media file quality can be improved.

The EL 1850-01e eMachine is featured with low price and can support our basic computing needs. Its space saving design and Intel Celeron Processor offers better experience to users. It also offers plenty of space for storing more data. Thus the machine is best suited with the low budget users.