Review of eMachines® ET1831-01 Desktop

Product Review Summary

eMachine ET1831-01 desktop unit from eMachine is a better computing device that comes with performance boosting features. The performance features include Intel Celeron processor, NVIDIA GeForce graphical controller, 3GB DDR2 RAM and Windows 7 Home Premium. It offers everything from surfing the Internet, multimedia consumption, managing finances, photo albums, etc. required for the modern world.


eMachine ET1831-01 can be used for both home and business uses. It has features that allow the users to work with music edit and share photos, manage finances, multitask, etc. The ET1831-01 allows the users to connect to networks or external devices quickly and easily through its connectivity options. The eMachine ET1831-01 desktop entertains the high end multimedia consumption and latest games.

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eMachine ET1831-01 is a desktop unit from eMachine which is designed to handle the demanding needs of its users. It works on the Intel Celeron 420 Processor with a processing speed of 1.6GHz and with 512KB Cache. The Windows 7 Home Premium with 64-bit enabled computing serves as the Operating System of the eMachine ET1831-01 desktop. NVIDIA GeForce 7050 enhances the graphical performance of the eMachine ET1831-01 desktop. Multitasking capabilities is enhanced with the 3GB DDR2 RAM dual channel memory. The eMachine ET1831-01 can store plenty of huge movies and games with the 320GB SATA Hard Drive. The network standard of the ET1831-01 desktop is 10/100 Ethernet LAN and connectivity options include a multi-in-one card reader and up to six USB 2.0 ports.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Excellent Performance

    eMachine ET1831-01 comes with brilliant performance that is capable of handling the demanding needs of users. The Intel Celeron 420 processor is capable of supporting heavy computing tasks. The graphical performance of the eMachine ET1831-01 is improved by NVIDIA graphics solution. The handling of multitasking functionalities is again improved by the 3GB RAM with dual channel memory that makes enough room for the processor.

  • FOUR – Multimedia

    eMachine ET1831-01 has exceptional support for handling the multimedia data. The Intel Pentium processor itself offers enough performance required by the multimedia applications. The NVIDIA GeForce 7050 graphical controller enables playback of HD movies and supports graphics rich games. The audio system of the ET1831-01 supported by 8-channel High Definition gives decent volume.

  • THREE – Networks and Connectivity

    eMachine ET1831-01 also has excellent support for latest network standards and offers vast connectivity options. The network standard of the ET1831-01 includes 10/100 Ethernet LAN. The connectivity options include six USB 2.0 ports, six audio ports, a multi-in-one card reader, etc. The media card reader supports plenty of formats including Compact Flash, Secure Digital, MMC, Memory Stick, etc.

  • TWO – Software Support

    eMachine ET1831-01 is pre-installed with useful software and applications. The ET1831-01 is protected from digital threats and dangers by the Norton Internet Security and Norton Online Backup. The Microsoft Works, Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007, Adobe Reader, etc. constitutes to the productivity softwares of the ET1831-01. Other software includes eMachines Recovery Management, Nero 9 Essentials, WildTangent, etc.

  • ONE –  Ease-of-Use

    eMachine ET1831-01 simplifies the users’ computing experience with its simple and user-friendly features. The Windows 7 Home Premium simplifies the everyday tasks of the user. It has plenty of connectivity options that allow the users to connect with different compatible devices at a time. eMachines PS/2 keyboard and mouse offers smooth handling of the inputs allowing the users to work with more comfort.

eMachine ET1831-01 is a better desktop unit from eMachine. The performance features of the ET1831-01 offer handling of multimedia and multitasking functions. The connectivity options, ease-of-use, less space, etc. make the ET1831-01 a better option for computing in home or office.