eMachines® T2862 PC Desktop

Product Review Summary

eMachines T2862 is an entry level desktop unit that offers better performance in an affordable price for the average users. It features a powerful processor, average memory size, and 3D graphics support. The AC-97 integrated with the motherboard offers perfect volume to most of stereo applications. The Operating System of the eMachines T2862 is Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition.


eMachines T2862 can be used for both home and small office uses. It has the performance that can handle small business related computing as well as light gaming solutions. Users can make its best use with word processing, managing finances, Web browsing, etc. It has network standards and connectivity options that allow the users to easily migrate into networks as well as connecting media devices with the eMachines T2862.

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eMachines T2862 is a desktop unit from eMachines which is designed to meet the requirements of an entry level user. It works on the Intel Celeron D 330 processor that operates at a processing speed of 2.66GHz and with a 256KB L2 Cache. Microsoft Windows XP Home serves as the Operating System of the eMachines T2862. The 256MB DDR RAM that can be extended up to 2GB makes up the system memory and the storage is made up of 60GB Hard Disk Drive. The 48x CR-RW/DVD Combo Drive offers the users with an optical drive for the eMachines T2862. The network standard included in the eMachines T2862 is 10/100Mbps Ethernet and 5 USB ports, media card reader, etc adds to the connectivity options.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Advanced Performance

    eMachines T2862 comes with performance and features that is capable of meeting the needs of an entry level user. The Intel Celeron D 330 processor with a processing speed of 2.66GHz and 256KB L2 cache is suitable for an entry level desktop. Up to 2GB RAM makes plenty of room for the processor to handle the multitasking capabilities.

  • FOUR – Excellent Graphics

    eMachines T2862 has excellent support for graphics. The Intel Celeron processing technology itself is able to handle light gaming and low end graphics. In addition, the Intel Extreme Graphics 3D offers support for graphics rich games and HD movies. The dedicated 64MB video shared memory makes plenty of room for huge movies and 3D games.

  • THREE – Data Transfer

    eMachines T2862 comes with network support and connectivity options that allow the users to transfer data between external devices and/or services. The network support of the eMachines T2862 is enhanced by built-in Intel PRO 10/100Mbps Ethernet. Connectivity options include five USB 2.0 ports and a digital Media Manager. The Media Manager can be used for connecting memory cards of different formats.

  • TWO – Software and Applications

    eMachines T2862 comes with useful software that makes the user’s computing tasks simpler and more productive. Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition simplifies the everyday tasks of the users making them to work with more productivity. Microsoft Works 8.0 productivity suite and Microsoft Money 2004 also enhances the productivity in user’s tasks. eMachines T2862 also contains some of the multimedia and music applications.

  • ONE –  Ease-of-Use

    eMachines T2862 as an entry level PC guarantees to simplify the users related tasks. And so it comes with features and applications that offer comfort and relief for the user’s computing needs. Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition and other software simplify as well as improves the productivity. The standard multimedia keyboard and 2-button Wheel Mouse allow the users to use eMachines T2862 with more convenience and comfort.

The eMachines T2862 is an entry level desktop unit from eMachines that offers better performance and features required by the average users. The features including multimedia and graphics support packed in a really affordable price makes the eMachines T2862 a better computing device.