Review on emachine® TT3646 Desktop

Product Review Summary

emachine T3646 is one of the newer ranges of desktop models from emachines. This machine is capable of providing excellent performance under all circumstances. The emachine T3646 is made of highest quality components such as high speed network cards, high performance graphics cards and so on. The emachine t3646 is ideal for a true performance user.


emachine T3646 is very simple to setup and use. The machine is 14.5″H x 7.2″W x 16.1″D in size and the system unit weighs in at 21.5 lbs. This implies that the system can be moved or transferred from one location to the other easily. The large numbers of connectivity ports also help users connect very large external devices and use them simultaneously.

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emachine T3646 is as solid as a desktop can be. The minute emachine T3646 is started up, users would not be able to hear any noise and the system maintains this throughout long hours of use. The emachine T3646 also produces very less heat and excellent cooling fans integrated into the system keeps the machine cool for hours. Besides the discreetness of the machine, emachine T3646 has excellent networking capabilities, connectivity solutions and even comes with 1-year parts and labor limited warranty so users do not have to worry about putting the machine through rough use. The emachine t3646 comes preinstalled with genuine Windows OS so that the system would be safer, secure and users would get more use out the machine than any other desktop within same hardware configuration range.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – AMD Sempron LE-1250 single-core processor

    The processor used in emachine T3646 is an AMD Sempron LE-1250 single-core one and this provides excellent performance even when installed with large resource consuming applications such as games. emachine T3646 users can even multi task with this processor and also upgrade any software or even OS installed on the machine without decrease in performance.

  • FOUR – Graphics

    emachine T3646 comes with NVIDIA GeForce 6100 integrated graphics cards that has Up to 128MB shared video memory. A PCI Express (PCIe x8) slot is available for upgrade so that if the graphics demands become too much, the cards can be quickly and easily upgraded. Even high definition 3D games can be installed for use on emachine t3646 owing to such a powerful graphics card.

  • THREE – Communications

    emachine T3646 has communication features that no other computer in its class has. 56K ITU v.92-ready fax/modem (RJ-11 port), 10/100Mbps Ethernet LAN (RJ-45 port) ensures that the system can be connected to the available networks and no lag would come up because of inefficiency of the network cards. emachine T3646 users would be able to make use of the connectivity even for hours at a stretch ideal for downloading and uploading large files.

  • TWO – Multimedia

    emachine T3646 supports all kinds of multimedia files and the system even comes with a 16x DVD±R/RW Supermulti drive with Up to 8.5GB with dual-layer media that can be used to play any DVD. The 6-channel (5.1) high-definition audio support also enhances the whole multimedia experience and Amplified stereo speakers (USB powered) can be also connected as peripherals for the system.

  • ONE –  Software

    Apart from the genuine Windows OS, many other software are also included with emachine T3646. These include Microsoft Works 9.0, Vista integrated DVD playback with 6-channel audio, AOL 9.0 (90-day risk-free offer), eMachines Comprehensive Security, eMachines Games powered by WildTangent (preinstalled with 10 demo games with 60 minutes of game play etc. These softwares can be only received with emachine T3646.

Any user wanting a performance desktop is advised to select the emachine T3646 for their needs, as it provides unmatched network connectivity, multimedia features, useful software, the emachine t3646 is clearly the best choice.