Review of eMachines® T3828 Desktop

Product Review Summary

emachine desktops have always been popular because of their build quality and superior performance. emachine T3828 desktop is no exception to the standards one can expect from emachine range of products. The emachine T3828 desktop comes with the best of everything. The latest of processors and quality internal components provides users with unmatched performance any time of the day.


emachine T3828 desktop is very sleek and designed to be used in any work environment: home or office. As the machine is very compact it can be adjusted in any small place. The emachine T3828 desktop also generates very little sound or heat making it very handy machine to work with.

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emachine T3828 desktop is ideal for all kinds of users and especially who want enhanced performance. Desktops have always been preferred by extreme users because of their ruggedness and the ease with which the components can be upgraded. The emachine T3828 desktop comes with many latest components such as memory and hard drive that can be upgraded to the users varied requirements. Another added advantage of having this machine is that genuine Microsoft Windows OS is also provided so that users can have a stable and secure computing experience. A Standard keyboard, 2-button wheel mouse have also been supplied with the system.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Intel Celeron D 335 Processor

    At the heart of the emachine T3828 desktop is a powerful Intel Celeron D 335 Processor that ensures that system provides extreme performance. Even though Celeron processors have been around for a long time, the latest of them have been used with the emachine T3828 desktop. Users can even install very large applications and multi task with them without having to fear about antivirus program system slowdown.

  • FOUR – Connectivity solutions

    emachine T3828 desktop has connectivity solutions that would please any user. Intel PRO 10/100Mbps integrated Ethernet network card, 56K ITU v.92-ready Fax/Modem ensures that system stays connected and that the connections would be lightening fast. The connectivity on your emachine t3828 desktop is so relievable that users can engage in all-night downloading/ uploading without having to fear off connection interferences.

  • THREE – Graphics

    emachine T3828 desktop has been integrated with Intel Extreme Graphics 3D video card that has a dedicated 64MB shared video memory. This means that any graphic intense application such as 3D games can be installed on your emachine t3828 desktop and executed. The extended graphics support can be also utilized for upgrading the operating system to a newer version one (after upgrading the RAM of course).

  • TWO – External ports

    Very large numbers of external ports have been integrated into emachine t3828 desktop. 5 USB (1 in Media Manager, 4 in back), 1 VGA external connector, 1 serial, 1 parallel, 2 PS/2, 5 audio (2 in front, 3 in back)all have been provided so that users can connect any number of devices and work with all of them simultaneously without the assistance of a USB hub.

  • ONE –  Media support

    Like all other desktops in the market, even emachine T3828 desktop has extensive media support. CD-RW/DVD combo optical (48 × 24 x 16 × 48) along with 8-in-1 digital media manager(media read4er) AC 97 audio sound, amplified stereo speakers etc all make sure this machine can be used for multimedia intense users. Any DVD or media support device can be plugged into the system and used without any complications.

The emachine T3828 desktop is a unique combination of extreme performance, usability and quality. This machine should be the first choice for any user looking to buy a performance desktop to meet their day to day requirements for years to come.